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Popular SEO Company Ribbun Software Creates Tumblr Blog

The Popular SEO Company Ribbun Software Has Recently Launched A New Blog On Tumblr For Benefit Of Its Clients


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- Ribbun Software, a fast-growing SEO firm, has recently started a blog on the popular blogging platform Tumblr. The new company blog aims to reach wider population and give lots of people the chance to learn about SEO and the company’s services in this field.

In line with the theme of Tumblr, the SEO Company Ribbun Software will keep its blogs simple, engaging, and interactive, and they will cover a number of old as well as new SEO and SMO concepts. This particular blogging platform was chosen by the company due to its wide readership base and the ease with which the blogs can be set up. The platform already hosts several million blogs, and it offers a number of themes and customization options.

The spokesperson of SEO Company Ribbun, Mr. Mohit, said, “Everyone who uses the internet knows about Tumblr, it has more than 30 million blogs and 10 billion posts, making it one of the most active and rapidly growing blog platforms on the internet. Therefore, our blog on this platform gives us exposure to a huge number of people. One more important reason why we have opted for Tumblr to host our blog is that it nicely integrates information sharing as well as social media into a single platform, giving us the chance to utilize both seamlessly.”

Tumblr acts as a social networking site as well as a blog platform, with one of the its most innovative features being the ‘reblog’, which allows users to share blog posts they like by publishing it on their on their own blog. This allows information on the platform to spread quickly and gain greater exposure.

The SEO Company Ribbun Software has already made its mark in the field of search engine optimization. It offers a number of services that cover old but effective services like link building, press release submission, and content writing, as well as newer and innovative services like EDU link building, SERP snatcher, and Link wheel creation. The SEO Company Ribbun has received an ISO 9001:2008 certificate for its quality of services as well, and it will be sharing its vast knowledge and expertise in the field of search engine optimization to its new Tumblr blog.

About Ribbun
The SEO Company Ribbun has developed and launched a number of services over the years since its beginning, and its current list of service covers a wide range of topics and helps customers utilize common and lesser-known strategies to build their online presence. The company also has a number of Social Media Optimization services, which have been developed recently with the growing popularity of social networks.