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SEO Consultant Mandy McEwen, Owner at Mod Girl Marketing, Offers SEO Advice for Struggling Business Owners

McEwen can help businesses “get on the map” and bring in the customers.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- In todays’ business climate often the most important asset a business has is a high listing on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Mandy McEwen, the owner and SEO consultant at Mod Girl Marketing, offers lots of advice on how business owners can get to the top of search engines and stay there. On her company’s website, she offers a blog that is consistently updated with SEO (search engine optimization) and social media advice.

“The importance of getting onto page one on Google can’t be underestimated. The business impact between being on page one and being on page two can mean the success or failure of a business. Through my blog, I try to help business owners get on their feet and to the top of the stack.” – Mandy McEwen, Owner, Mod Girl Marketing

Mandy McEwen not only offers general online marketing advice, but, through Mod Girl Marketing, her team can design a complete SEO program and implement it on behalf of the business. By using Mod Girl Marketing, owners are able to focus on what they know best, their own business. Mod Girl only uses respected, effective techniques to move a business’ page ranking up.

“We only use honest methods to promote your business. There are lots of companies that will promise to get you to page one on Google. Instead, because they use shady techniques, they can actually get you banned from Google for as long as a year. That’s a long time, particularly if a significant percentage of your business comes from the Internet.” – Mandy McEwen, Owner, Mod Girl Marketing

Mod Girl Marketing offers professional online business marketing services for a wide range of businesses, from established corporations to exciting, new startups. They combine the best of SEO, social media, content marketing and paid advertising to create a powerful online presence for brands.

For more SEO tips from Mandy, download her free online marketing guide, 8 Ways in 8 Days.

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