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SEO Consultant Mandy McEwen Shows Why Businesses Need an SEO Content Strategist


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2014 -- The idea that content is the way of SEO has permeated the marketing world. And businesses have responded with lots of content: blog posts, newsletters, white papers, social media posts, infographics, and more. Unfortunately, content for content’s sake won’t do for SEO without an overall strategy in place. Mandy McEwen, President and Founder of Mod Girl Marketing, has been advising businesses and working with her team to boost overall content marketing and helping these businesses get to page one of search engines like Google.

In her recent blog post: “8 Reasons You Need an SEO Content Strategist,” McEwen breaks down some of the most important reasons for businesses to invest in the strategic help they need to boost their rankings and get the most out of their content marketing.

The first reason a business may want to look into hiring an SEO content strategist is expertise. Even a business with a fairly complex and complete content marketing machine may need some help stepping back and seeing the forest for the trees. An experienced strategist can help put a long-term plan into place that will build quality results over time. In the same vein, an overall strategy will yield better results to help businesses take their online marketing to the next level. Hiring a strategist will help build relationships with industry thought leaders, clients, and leads.

Team organization and effort are two more benefits to hiring an SEO content marketing strategist. With an overall plan in place, businesses are more likely to 1) publish regularly and on-time with 2) relevant, keyword-rich content. Additionally, this higher level plan can help consolidate content marketing with other online marketing tactics like web design, copywriting, public relations, brand building, and more. Having one person to steer the ship ensures work is completed and not duplicated in other areas of a company.

Other reasons for an SEO content strategist: efficiency, competition, relevance, and preparation. Expert strategists will have their finger on upcoming marketing trends, the best tips and tricks for researching, and can help businesses have plans in place for events and holidays. For example, the Mod Girl Marketing team can help businesses be ready now for the upcoming holiday season.

You can find McEwen’s blog post “8 Reasons You Need an SEO Content Strategist” here:

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