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SEO Expert Releases Informative Guide to Teach Readers How to Survive and Recover from Google SEO Updates


Rancho Mirage, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2014 -- One of the leading SEO experts has just released a helpful guide to one of the most talked about SEO topics of 2014. The guide is called “Recovery and Survival From Google SEO Updates” and it comes just as website owners are becoming more and more frustrated with Google and their many SEO updates. The guide’s author, Joseph Erndt is well known for highlighting many SEO issues and this work is sure to be widely read by those who want to try to keep ahead of Google. According to Erndt, “Google updates affect every website owner because they determine the placement and ranking of those sites. If a website owner does not know how to deal with and counter these updates they may find their website ranking plummet. Every website owners needs to understand what Google updates mean and what they do. This guide is an invaluable resource for those website owners.”

The guide starts by defining the different Google update filters and what they mean. For example, Erndt tells readers that Google’s Panda filter was developed to weed out weak websites that featured thin or duplicate content. Panda was meant to stop website owners from artificially gaining popularity through key word spamming or poor links.

The guide details the havoc that these Google filters have wreaked for website owners, many of whom don’t see the new filters coming and who are not deliberately trying to inflate their rankings, but don’t have websites sophisticated enough to pass muster with the Google update. These website owners often find their website rankings plummeting.

This guide then tackles the issues readers want to know about. Erndt describes what website owners can do if they became a casualty of Google and what exactly Google wants site owners to do to successfully get past their updates. Perhaps the most informative section of the guide is the one that helps site owners identify potential ranking problems and learn how to understand all of the Google updates.

Statistics show that only 10% of businesses affected by a Google update recover their ranking after the update demotes the placement of their website. Erndt reveals that the main problem for site owners is not understanding search engine optimization (SEO) and not making the right choices when hiring a firm or individual that claims to specialize in SEO backlinks. Some site owners even try to manage their online presence and SEO activites themselves. According to Erndt, “Paying $5 for 10,000 backlinks may sound great because more backlinks equal better SEO but the truth is that low quality or unrelated links can actually hurt a website’s ranking and put the site owner even further back in the Google rankings, thus adversely affecting their business.” As Erndt points out in his guide, thoroughly researching the top SEO techniques and hiring an expert who understands what Google wants and how to manage a Google update is essential for every website owner.

Erndt’s article is currently available on  Your Design World  and Erndt can be contacted via email at

Recovery and Survival From Google Updates
Joseph Erndt
Rancho Mirage ,California, United states