SEO Experts Announce New Service Designed to Protect Consumers


West Yorkshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- SEO Experts ( have today announced a site re-launch geared around their new approach to offering companies looking for an SEO provider the best possible deal available today in the SEO marketplace.

The focus of this new approach is to allow consumers to try the service first for a minimal cost before spending large sums of money on a service that is to many people something of a “dark art” and which is difficult to quantify.

David Shuttleworth, MD of SEO Experts said: “In the past we offered a money back guarantee to give a cast iron assurance to consumers that we would deliver results for their money, otherwise they would get a full refund meaning the process had cost them nothing.

“At that time there were no other SEO Companies offering such a deal, but in the course of time it seems that practically everyone is now doing the same thing and offering the same promise and guarantee.

“However, from speaking to, and more importantly listening to our clients and people who have contacted us to discuss their needs, the same issue remains in terms of the risk that they feel that they are exposing themselves to, and this is that whether there is a guarantee or not the consumer has to part with their money first and trust that the guarantee will be honoured later.

“Of course we all know that there are a great many poor SEO companies out there whose sole purpose is to take the money of the unaware, and it does raise the legitimate question of whether a company or person who claims to be able to deliver results, who then fails to deliver, will actually uphold their guarantee and refund the consumer.

“It would seem to make sense that someone who make false claims in terms of what they can achieve would also be making a false claim about refunding the consumer, and so the guarantee is really pretty much meaningless since the consumer is the one taking all of the risk, and will have probably spend Hundreds or Thousands of Pounds before they are eligible to ask for their money back.

“What we have decided to do at SEO Experts is to turn the risk element on its head by allowing the consumer to try us out first for a minimal amount of money and actually see what kind of results we can achieve for them.

“If the consumer is happy with the results then they can continue with us at our normal (and well below typical industry) rates, but if they feel that the results didn’t meet their expectations then they can just walk away and look for a different provider having spent under £25 to come to a conclusion based on actual results.

“This means that the consumer has virtually no risk, since they don’t have to hand over large sums of money to a company they don’t know on nothing more than a promise, and the hope that they have found a good SEO provider.

“It seems to make good sense to us and also seems like the fairest and most sensible approach for anyone looking to spend money on search engine optimisation.

“The reason we are happy to provide this offer is that we know that we are very good at what we do, and we are certain that the vast majority of people who try us will continue to use us, and so it is very much a win-win proposal.

“We were toying with the idea of making the first month free rather than asking the consumer to pay a small amount, but the problem with that approach is that we would be literally swamped by people who were simply looking for a freebie and who had no intention of continuing afterwards.

“Offering the service at under £25 means that the majority of people who take up the offer will be serious about a prolonged SEO package for their website or business, and the price point is low enough that for legitimate businesses it is a negligible cost, equating to practically a risk-free trial.

“We believe that this is the best possible SEO offer available since it is geared solely to the needs of the consumer, and is designed to protect them from costly SEO that delivers no results.”

To learn more about this new consumer focused SEO process please click here.

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