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SEO Firm for Contractors: Generating Quality Links for Businesses Using Latest Trends

SEO Firm For Contractors: Employing Latest Optimization Strategies


Pottsville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2016 -- Google is updating its algorithms on a regular basis to enhance user's surfing experience. To outshine competitors, it is necessary for organizations to upgrade websites and optimization methods frequently. To stay ahead of the curve, the selection of a SEO firm for contractors should be done by analyzing their services.

According to imFORZA, 93% of the online experiences begins with a search engine. Google owns almost half of the online market share that is 65-70% on a whole. 70-80% users prefer organic results over paid ads. For search engine giants like Google, 18% of the clicks go to #1 position, 10% to #2 and only 7% to #3 position. 75% of the users never care to go beyond the first page. According to MOZ, since its inception, Google has made minor to major changes for about 500-600 times in algorithms.

These number states that to gain national exposure for business, it is necessary to rank on the first page if not on the top spot.

There is no shadow of doubt in the fact that SEO tactics possess the capability of boosting websites above all other belonging to the same niche. If the strategy is not up to par and flexible enough to embrace the ever evolving digital industry, then it is useless.

To monitor current status of SEO campaign, the company owners should be aware of the current trends of the industry. Some of the moves that will dominate the digital landscape in the coming year are as follows:

>Semantic Search: In 2013, Google rolled out its "Hummingbird" update. The algorithm was mainly based on meanings that users derive from keywords given. Optimizing the content or website with long tail keywords is a concept that promotes quality over quantity. Customers are more likely to use such keywords when they are stuck in middle of a buying cycle or very close to making a buying decision. Using conversational phrases for keywords is going to stay in the digital market for a long tenure.

>Mobile Search Optimization: According to Pew Research, 50% of adolescents and 47% of the adults use internet on cell phones on a daily basis. 40% of low income adults confirmed preference of mobile phones to surf internet. Google has also been penalizing sites that are not mobile friendly. This update is like a boon for those who owe small businesses and want to drive high local online traffic.

> Impact Of Social Signals: Popularity on social media sites was definitely considered an effective way to boost rankings. According to KissMetrics, for every 100 followers on Google+, website ranking enjoys a boost of 14.63%. But in 2014, Google web spam head Matt Cutts stated that "There is a correlation between social signals and good rankings but not a causation." The latest update stresses on the fact that social media marketing in a boarder context of a content marketing strategy.

>Content is Still King: It is true that content is the helm of any digital marketing campaign. Looking at the recent updates and customer's online behavior, interactive content is trending. Infographics are more popular compared to other content forms.

All these trends focus on the thumb rule that adopting changes is key to sustain in the world of digital marketing. The executives of Contractor Marketing 911- an SEO firm for contractors keep themselves updated with these evolving tactics and optimizes websites accordingly.

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