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SEO Fresno Discusses Latest Discussion on Matt Cutts Assessing Quality of a Page Without Links


Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2014 -- #1 SEO company in California Cloud1Marketing is known for its excellent services of internet marketing. The company offers varied services of email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Clicks), link building and many other such services. The company employs a team of experts with vast knowledge and experience who can execute any internet marketing task and produce desired results. The company backs all its resources with the latest technological equipment and makes sure that all their resources are well versed with all the techniques of the industry. Profit By Search holds discussion about the latest development in the industry in its premises every week and as a part of it, this week the discussion was about Matt Cutts’s latest move on assessing quality of a page without links.

Head of Search Spam Team, Matt Cutts explained, “You need to judge the content based on the words on the page and the more often the words are on the page, in a diminishing scales type of way, the more likely the page is about that word.” Without links it is going to be very difficult for Google to assess the quality of a page, people may have to go back to the days when the search engines used to work the primitive way.

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"We will continue to evolve as our industry evolves. We will adapt to our client's needs, Google's methodologies, and our customer service. We offer a learning center on our website, for people to better understand search engine optimization, and Google's best practices. We have access to all of our client's webmaster tools so we always monitor anything that would prevent us from doing our job." Said Paul Singh, CEO are #1 SEO company in California Cloud1Marketing.

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