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SEO Host Set to Expand VPS Hosting Packages


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2011 -- SEO Host, a leading SEO hosting company, is set to unveil several new additions to its popular virtual private server (VPS) hosting packages. The company specializes in comprehensive C Class IP hosting offering shared as well as dedicated IPs across scalable hosting solutions including shared hosting, virtually private servers and entirely Dedicated Servers.

In SEO hosting, the predominant goal is to help businesses maximize the quality and quantity of inbound links. However, creating interlinking Website networks to trick search engines and gain higher rankings has been futile because all of the client Websites were hosted on IPs from the same C Class. Additionally, Webmasters were unable to build effective Web networks due to the prohibitive cost of each Class C IP.

SEO Hosting has become the leading hosting company due to their ability to provide multiple Class C IPs at half the cost of their competitors. As the lowest priced SEO Web hosting provider in the industry, their SEO hosting packages will fit every pocket while driving their Websites to higher search engine rankings than the major players in their niche.

Trusted by thousands of Webmasters around the globe, SEO Host has become one of the largest and most accredited SEO hosting providers in the nation. Their plans include a cPanel with WHM, one single control panel for all websites, unlimited add-on Domains, unlimited sub Domains, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited email accounts and unlimited MYSQL databases too.

The SEO Host approach is for each C Class IP to get its own reverse DNS so that clients can manage all their Websites simply and free of worries about being penalized. “We treat our client Websites as if they were our own," which means doing what it takes to guard them against being penalized by search engines,” said the SEO Host specialist. “Ultimately, their success is our success.”

The company has a variety of Customizable, Shared, Dedicated and VPS SEO Hosting packages that offer a wide range of multiple C Class IPs, diskspace and bandwidth. With a plethora of growth oriented small and medium sized businesses looking for Web hosting services, SEO Host saw the need for additional VPS hosting packages that could benefit them.

VPS hosting bridges the gap between shared servers and dedicated servers for small to medium sized businesses. In short, they provide client Websites with the reliability and control of dedicated hosting but with a cheaper cost per month. “VPS Hosting is a good fit for businesses or users who are experiencing rapid growth, heavy Website traffic, or running complex applications,” said the SEO Host specialist.

SEO Host has become one of the most predominant and well known names in the world of SEO hosting. Their team of dedicated technicians, sales representatives and analysts provide clientele with 27/4 online support while a 30-day money back guarantee ensures customer satisfaction. To learn more about the most trusted name in SEO hosting, please visit http://seohost.com/