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Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/01/2012 -- Search Engine Optimization is the butter and bread of making money online. Most people fail to realize that without any kind of search engine optimization, a website can’t make any money. Making money online is put plain and simple: you need a website and you need visitors. Of course there are a lot smaller details to the two factors and how you make them work but that’s the basis of it.

First, we’re going to discuss the quick on-page factors for search engine optimization that matter.


I really wish people would realize how important it is to have great content. Google now knows when articles are spun, poorly written or just terrible quality. Also taken into account, if your content is of poor quality, your page is more likely to have a high bounce rate, which is taken into account when measuring your site’s worth.

Heading tags are still relevant. Header tags such as Header 1 tell the search engines (specifically Google) what the main focus of your website is. Why? This is because the Header tags are meant to be short and usually a keyword. This is also why most Wordpress themes incorporate the post title as a Header tag.


You can spend all day making your website look pretty on page and making sure you’re adequately prepared for Google on page, but if you don’t have any off page search engine optimization work done, you’re never going to rank for a competitive keyword. Here’s some of the following relevant information regarding off-page keywords.

Obtaining backlinks from other websites to yours may be important but the quality of those backlinks is important as well. If you own a website devoted to teaching people how to efficiently implement search engine optimization techniques and you obtain and backlink from a website devoted to teaching people how to play chess, you’re not going to have a backlink that’s considered relevant.

The more backlinks the better, but again you have to remember that you need quality backlinks. Spamming forums and random websites is not the answer to obtaining backlinks because Google knows when you’re doing this. People who have spam bots specifically designed to spam forums or make forum profiles are going to feel the hit, especially in 2012 as they continually role out Panda and Penguin updates.

What it all boils down to is purely good quality content. Whether it’s from backlinks, the content on your website or the information shared about your website on social media websites. No matter what they are, they have to be of quality. If they’re spam or poor quality, Google won’t recognize them as an authority figure and they won’t hold any weight towards your website.

Too many people think Google is just a bot that’ll recognize their millions of spammed backlinks and rank them higher for a keyword. Being genuine and honest with your business and your website will take you much further than being dishonest and blackhat.

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