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New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- When marketing the business on the Internet it is important to identify the target market and their search habits. Who is the target market and where are they located? Googles goal is to show those browsing search engines the most relevant websites based on a query. With Google’s algorithm progressing, depending on what country ’re living in, will get different results. This is called geo-targeting in Internet marketing lingo and it can be used to the advantage to increase the amount of targeted traffic to the website based on the target market and where they are located. After have considered the people who are searching for the business online, their search habits, and the keywords they would type into Google to find the website then ’re ready to get started. Follow these tips to get the businesses local SEO off the ground.

1.) Ensure that the top-level domain is correct because they will automatically target those in its geographic area. If ’re targeting investors in Canada then the domain that targets these investors should end in .CA. If ’re using an international domain such as .com then search engines will consider other factors.

2.) Try to get do-follow back links from companies within the same geographic area.

3.) Ensure that the company address is on every page.

4.) Implement on-page optimization for the location ’re targeting for all of the services offer. So if ’re a law firm who offers employment law, automobile law, divorce law, or real estate then get ranked for employment lawyer Florida, auto lawyer Florida, Divorce lawyer Florida, or real estate lawyer Florida. To implement proper on-page optimization use the keyword in the title, domain, meta tags, content, page titles, and within rich snippet videos.

5.) Get listed in local online directories and newspapers.

6.) Get listed in every map directory as well as cell phone directories. Some cell phone map applications use different services to get their data. Ensure the business is listed in all of them.

If complete these tasks then the business is off to a great start to getting found in the search engine by the target market. Try to consistently update the website with fresh content to prove to the search engines ’re active and to the followers that keep up with current trends within the industry. Furthermore, its important to improve the domain and page authority to further differentiate theself from the competition.

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