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SEO Isn't Dead, Never Has, Never Been and Never Will Be

SEO may not be the answer to one’s traffic related prayers, for the Big G’s algorithm updates moved away keyword stuffed sites and featured the ones with the best and refined content. Google now shows results that searchers and users may find useful and not focusing too much on exact matches on the site’s tags.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2014 -- Come to think of it, what are searchers looking for?

Are they looking for sites that tweaked with each and every SEO tips and tricks for it to make it to the top of the search engine results page (SERP)? or a site that has relevant, reliable and authoritative content?

Great is the chance that it will be the latter, and it seems that Google is in favor of it as well. If this happens to symbolize that Google is not appreciating one’s SEO effort, Google is totally fine with that. They are not making a single dime with these SEO optimized sites, what they care about is that searchers may be underwhelmed when they are served with results that are not actually relevant to what they are looking for.

With that being said, can is it justifiable to come up with the conclusion that SEO is dead? That there’s no way to make it on top of the search results but to release top of the line contents, to think that there are already a lot to compete with? No. Absolutely not! SEO isn’t dead, never has, never been and never will be! If it is, then why Google Adwords is still up and running, the fact AdWords itself is a form of SEO, which actually is SEM (search engine marketing) this is also where the great Big G makes tons of cash because site owners across the globe bid for keywords for them to gain visibility on searches.

Google is battling SEO, for there are tendencies that SEO can mess up the results which users may find annoying and inconvenient, this also decrease the number of bids on AdWords. In short SEO is a pain in Google’s rear. Pain they can never kill.

Internet marketers and resellers can still make a living out of SEO. There are still companies and professionals out there that have the strategy that defies any Google update. There are also companies that offer all in one SEO solutions with white label reporting, sending out SEO reports with no trace of their company, ideal for internet marketers, resellers and companies that outsource.

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