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SEO Isn't That Complicated: Improving One's SEO in Five Simple Ways

One doesn’t need to know everything about SEO’s complexity to get the most out of it. Attempting to understand the whole concept of SEO and coming up with a strategy will be time consuming and will be a matter of trial and error.


Lisbon, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- There are small but brings significant improvement to the site’s search engine optimization. Here are the things that can be done right away to improve one’s SEO.

Sign Up with Webmaster Tools

On-Site Optimization. This refers to the process of increasing the relevancy and “crawlability” of a website for targeted key terms to boost its ranking organic search results and be visible on search engines. This is the process that should not be neglected. This can be a complex process, fortunately Google and Bing has a suite of webmaster tools to make this easier.

Set Up a Google Authorship

Google Authorship acknowledges the writer for the content that he wrote online. Authorship results have higher chance of catching the searchers’ attention. Also, authorship determines whether or not the link will be clicked. According to the study conducted by Catalyst, a search marketing firm, it is found that Google Authorship improves click through rates by 150%.

Choose the Keywords Wisely

It’s not necessary to immerse one’s self on the whole keyword research and optimization. Some empathetic thinking will do. Get into the searchers’ mind and come up with a list of words that people might use to find the site. The site’s analytics can be very helpful in choosing the keywords. Google analytics can help site owners identify the keywords that are driving traffic to the site; however this is no longer the case for Google now encrypt keywords.

Though, analytics can still show site owners the site’s content that is getting the most visitors, from there he can come up with a collection of keywords he used in those pieces of content.

Put together a list of key terms that searchers will more likely use and the one gathered from analytics. These are the keywords that represent the site. Use these terms frequently, but make sure that the content will be sensible and interesting.

If on a WordPress blog, it is a must to have the most important WordPress SEO plugin – WP Social SEO Pro. This will take the blog to the next level of Social Media SEO and help on focusing on keywords.

Come Up With Interesting Content

Content marketing has gained prominence so quick that it is now cut through. It really is difficult to stand out. Content marketing is not overrated, this is the reality. One’s content has to be useful, complete, amazing, emotionally engaging, well researched, all of the positive adjectives that one can think of to be able to make it somehow on top. Standout content attracts links naturally, chances are one is already doing SEO unconsciously.

Make it Shareable

Amazing content is without a doubt worthy of a Facebook share or a tweet. Social signals from the social media giants, Facebook and twitter is a big fraction of Google’s ranking algorithm. That being said, it is worth it to come up with astounding content that’s easy to share. Add and make the share buttons on the site very visible, for sites that have social sharing buttons generate 7 times more mentions than those that don’t.

Beyond the basics, one can go an extra mile by maximizing the use of graphics which are found to be a huge factor in helping the content spread socially.

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