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Hillsboro, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- The founder of a strategicly competitive Internet Marketing Company, Gregory Smith who's also a professional blogger recently decided to launch a blog under his brand "Linked Nectar". Gregory plans to start blogging fulltime and offering help to other bloggers and webmasters, those who're interested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Link Building, Affiliate Marketing, Branding, Conversion Optimization, Creative Content, Copywriting and marketing in general.

If you're someone who fits any of the above interests, then you'll really enjoy this new blog, as it's only 1 month old and already power packed full of awesome tutorials and actionable content.

What separates this blog (The Local SEO Company) from all other blogs in this field is the fact that Gregory, a veteran SEO and Internet Marketer will help you one on one and answer any questions that you might have, for free.

Greg's passion for Internet Marketing and SEO goes above and beyond anything else in his life. He puts forth 110% effort intlo this blog as well as everything else he does online and off. A lot of times when you need help, your stuck, without any help what so ever. Some of you might be lucky enough to have money to throw away on hiring someone to train you or do your job for you , but Gregory wants to make it easy for everyone, by providing help for webmasters and businesses 24/7.

Go ahead and click on over to the blog right now and introduce yourself by using the Q&A forum. The forum can be found here:

The homepage is located here: we look forward to seeing you and helping you in any way possible. The only question that's a "stupid question" is not asking a question, when you're seeking an answer!

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