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SEO Miracle and Gary Hennes Realtors Started a Campaign to Sell the Most Expensive Condos on Lincoln Road Miami Beach

Lincoln Road Miami Beach will be richer for a number of new, wealthy condo owners until the end of the summer, that is, after the Gary Hennes Realtors campaign of selling the most expensive condos is over.


Miami Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2012 -- Art Deco Miami is a mystery to many people. It was 1910 when Carl Fisher and John Collins undertook the most difficult task of transforming the island of mangrove swamps to a world class tourist destination called Miami. At that time the art deco movement was in full motion. One of the most attractive roads of today is Lincoln Road Miami Beach.

Gary Hennes Realtors is one of the most successful boutique residential real estate firms on Lincoln Road Miami Beach. Their office has been on Lincoln Road for more than 20 years, which is right next to the Van Dyke building, the same one where Carl Fisher sold first plats of land in 1920s, and started the Miami Beach movement as people know today.

Since Gary Hennes Realtors is in the neighborhood, their company’s possibilities to find the best condos for their clients are endless. Gary Hennes has launched some of the most expensive and luxurious condo offers on Lincoln Road with prices as high as $35 million. The leaders from Gary Hennes Realtors promise that for that kind of money, the future owner will get an unbelievable experience just by sitting on the front balcony and enjoying the breathtaking panoramic views of the Ocean.

Gary Hennes decided to create a major campaign for condos on Lincoln Road Miami Beach by bring in the big guns, one of the best SEO companies in the United States, SEO Miracle. Gary Hennes and Joshua Hood, CEO of SEO Miracle, decided to take a direct approach by marketing these condos to a specific group of people, for whom they think could be interested in owning a piece of Art Deco Miami.

Joshua said, “Gary and I spoke about Lincoln Road and Art Deco Miami, and our current marketing idea came up the second we started talking. Art Deco Miami really inspires a man. On this project we decided to offer the most expensive condos Gary Hennes Realtors have in their offer and use targeted groups of people who can give those $35 million. We know that that no regular person who needs to struggle to invest such money will ever be interested, hence there is no need for us to waste time offering these magnificent condos with Art Deco in Miami to anyone.”

SEO Miracle and Gary Hennes will run this campaign until the end of the summer, so every person interested in being a part of this story should visit or call 305-532-1558 for more information.