SEO Miracle

SEO Miracle Creates a Platform for Web Designers and Developers to Become SEO Resellers With Commission

SEO Resellers are given chance to earn commission by referring their clients to SEO Miracle, which created a simple platform for all web designers and developers to participate in this project.


Miami Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2012 -- SEO reseller is a common thing these days with an increased number of online stores and companies looking for their piece of a highly competitive search engine ranking space. Most of the people looking for SEO services are not familiar with what SEO market has to offer. Web designers and developers are first line of people working with website owners and they tend to develop trust over time. SEO Miracle decided to integrate that simple logic into its business plans and bring those people into this market where they could earn commission by referring their clients to this trusted SEO Company.

SEO Miracle is one of the leading SEO companies in the United States, and with that amount of authority they decided to gather everyone in one place, and offer fast and reliable SEO service, which in the end, works perfectly for the end client.

Joshua Hood, CEO of SEO Miracle, said, “When we decide to partner with your ad agency or web developer , we get you fast service, wholesale prices and keep close contact with the people who know what is going on with your website. The main point is that this teamwork idea works great for you, and makes your life as a client a lot easier.”

SEO Miracle will reward its partners with monthly commission depending on the cost of a package that the client will purchase. That way all web designers and developers become ultimate SEO resellers and get paid for every successful referral.

Joshua added, “Besides the regular referral commission our SEO reseller gets, he will also be compensated for all the work he does while helping us in the process of onsite SEO when we need to access his client’s server and optimize the code.”

If you would like to contact Joshua directly and become SEO Miracle’s SEO reseller, visit the website or call 786-220-4929. SEO Miracle was established back in 2010 and has had many successful projects since then.