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SEO Miracle Launches a Powerful Backlinks Checker Called Analyze Backlinks is a powerful backlinks checker created by SEO Miracle with purpose of helping you in analyzing your backlinks.


Miami Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2012 -- Backlinks checker is a common tool of many SEO professionals, who use it daily when analyzing their websites. With that purpose, SEO Miracle launched a new software called Analyze Backlinks which is available on the website It analyzes your website and gives you a list of websites that contain a link to your website. SEO Miracle also gave an option of analyzing your website by searching for a specific text, which is called anchored text, in a website’s source code. It will give you a number of total links and outbound links, and whether the specific anchored text has been found or not.

Joshua Hood, CEO of SEO Miracle said, “SEO Miracle continues to help SEO community by launching the backlinks checker, which will give them crucial insights into their own SEO campaign. This way, we wanted to offer a reliable SEO tool to a broader audience and help them rank higher in SERPs by allowing them to constantly monitor a number of their successful backlinks.”

SEO Miracle spent many months testing the backlinks checker before making it live. Today, it represents a powerful assistant in analyzing your backlinks.

Joshua also made another comment saying, “We had a simple idea to create a backlinks checker that would be as simple as a Google’s homepage. Many backlinks checkers tend to complicate things too much. We stuck to basics and created a convenient tool that will do wonders for your SEO campaign. All you need to do is to type in your website and your keyword, which is optional, meant for those who are not competing for any of keywords. That way, if your website is linked to any other websites that are out there, we will make sure you know that.”

SEO Miracle is ready to launch another SEO tool that will go along with the backlinks checker, which is called Google Position Check. There will be more information about that in the following week.

If you would like to contact Joshua directly, visit SEO Miracle’s website or call 786-220-4929. SEO Miracle was established back in 2010 and has had many successful projects ever since.