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SEO Norway Announces International SEO Service


Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2015 -- Targeting non English key phrases and ranking them on Google are not enough. Those who give advice on multilingual SEO, multilingual digital marketing and international seo are missing an important factor which is their unfamiliarity with the local market and local SEO trends.

These days many media companies target keywords in other languages. They hire translators and SEO newbie to work on their sites. They presume by targeting a non English country, they will generate sales and leads. This is not as easy as they might think of.

"It's simply not possible to give step by step advice when it comes to either international SEO or multilingual Search Engine Optimization(SEO). This is because while you might be familiar with the language, you do not know the sales and marketing pattern of the country being targeted. Also, you do not know local SEO strategies, the local use of the language or the slang words commonly used in the market which will make your efforts ineffective.SEO is more than just writing a bunch of rehashed articles, dummy diagrams and marketing yourself as an expert. Instead, because every project is different when it comes to marketing in other countries, standard practices that are posted online should be ignored and instead the focus should be on getting the right people who know the location, language and customs." " says Maria Johnsen

Today, many SEO companies talk about multilingual SEO while being ignorant of one important fact! A local business will not let a foreign business become their competitor unless they know the culture, language and local trends. Even then, they will still need local SEO, sales and marketing parameters in order to become successful.

In this Halloween season, let's scare away competitors by hiring local seo expert. Businesses can diversify their International SEO marketing strategy and take benefit from Norwegian search engine optimization experts' expertise.

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