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SEO Rockstar Alex Miller Archives Unmatched, Outstanding SEO Results


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- SEO extraordinaire Alex Miller can now be hired to help businesses attain amazing results from their SEO activities. Alex’s is known as a SEO rock star, a titled he has earned due to his unconventional and exceptional online marketing techniques, the exceptional SEO results he has been able to achieve are inimitable, this fact makes Alex a highly admired SEO expert and a leader of the pack among SEO professionals. He has had over 6 years of online marketing experience and throughout the years he has had the fortune of working for some of the biggest online businesses and websites, time and time again Alex has been able to deliver unparalleled SEO results. Alex states his mission as:

“My mission is to excel and outperform all others within an industry of average SEO performers.”

As a developer of many online marketing techniques, his work has been recognized and has been adopted by SEO professionals as the most effective online marketing tools; Alex Miller is a co-founder of PosiRank acknowledged as the number one SEO platform for agencies. With so much SEO awesomeness to benefit from, now you can hire Alex directly. He offers two types of different services which people can choose from, Alex can be contacted for a 1 on 1 SEO consultation for prices starting at $600 per hour, this consultation will include a 1 on 1 Skype call, detailed action plan, and high level SEO consultation, people will be able to discover newer better ways of attaining improved SEO results using the advice and knowledge imparted by Alex during the consultations.

The second service on offer is complete SEO campaign with Alex with a full on monthly off page and on page SEO campaign which will include helping clients dominate their niche and eradicate their competition, Alex maintains a spotless reputation of delivering exceptional results to all his full on SEO clients, that is why he is highly selective in his choice and selects a very limited number of clients to whom he provides full on SEO services. Rest assured Alex has the knowledge, the experience and the skillset of delivering high quality, effective results which he has done for over 400 sites already.

In this age of Internet and online businesses, being seen by prospective customers is the most important factor and SEO is the only way of getting noticed by the right people. Alex can help online businesses harness the power of effective SEO techniques get their websites, businesses, and products noted.

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