SEO Sydney Now Announces Launch


New South Wales, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2015 -- SEO Sydney Now is a new Web-based search engine optimisation service that has already proven to be a hit for Sydney businesses.

The SEO Sydney Now website was set up by two digital marketers. Michael Costin and Dominic Sergi both have five years of SEO experience. They have worked on SEO campaigns for many leading brands including eBay and UNICEF.

Why use SEO Sydney Now?

It's no secret that there are plenty of SEO consultants and providers in the Sydney area. But what makes SEO Sydney Now different from the rest?

The service is unique in that it offers a no-nonsense approach. The truth about many SEO providers is that they charge big money for their services. That's because they make their clients pay for unneeded or irrelevant "add-ons."

SEO Sydney Now cuts out all the overheads usually associated with a typical SEO provider. They only deliver actionable results through tried and tested search engine optimisation methods. One can visit the SEO Sydney Now website for a free SEO review.

Fixed-price SEO packages

Another fact that makes SEO Sydney Now unique is that they offer clear price guides for their SEO services. The truth about many of their competitors is that they aren't transparent with pricing.

With SEO Sydney Now, price guides are available to view on their website. There are also full details of what clients can expect for their money. The four services offered by SEO Sydney Now are as follows:

1. SEO Health Check (free)

One complimentary service that they offer all clients is a free SEO health check. Their team of experts will review and report on what work needs sorting out.

All reports are bespoke and aren't prepared from a "cookie cutter" template. The reports also show customers whether an SEO campaign is viable for their sites or not.

2. On-site optimisation ($800 to $1,500 one-off fee)

The service includes a range of SEO techniques carried out on the website itself. Keyword research, content gap analysis, and other recommendations get made. A full Google Analytics audit also gets carried out.

3. Off-site optimisation ($1,000+ per month)

Some SEO campaigns may need off-site optimisation techniques to get carried out. Examples include ethical link building strategies and building relationships with other sites.

4. Local SEO optimisation ($500+ per month)

Businesses with a local or regional presence may need to take advantage of the local SEO package. The process involves optimising the website for local Google search results. Includes Google+ and Google My Business optimisation.

About SEO Sydney Now
An exciting new service that seeks to transform the way firms promote themselves online. SEO Sydney Now offers a unique and cost-effective approach to search engine optimisation. The Web-based service is run by a team of SEO experts that serve the Sydney area.

For more information, contact:
SEO Sydney Now
3/338 Darling Street
New South Wales
Telephone: +61 2 8212 3989