SEO War Declare War on Rankings with Client-Managed Pay as You Go SEO


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2012 -- Search Engine Optimisation has become an increasingly essential element of online business. With so many websites in existence and so many start-ups eager to command a share of the market, the level of competition for the centre stage of online business- the first page of Google search results- is skyrocketing. SEO War are an impressive company who have made a splash by walking the talk, positioning themselves on the first page of Google for key terms such as “seo packages” ahead of other, more sprawling SEO businesses with unlimited budgets.

The company’s success is in part because of their unique business model, offering SEO packages that do not require individuals and businesses to be tied in to long-term maintenance deals. Because of this, clients can take on a short-term, pay as you go SEO contract and gauge the efficacy of the work before committing to more. The model also offers flexibility of weighting, allowing sites to boost traffic with a surgical SEO strike ahead of a product launch or important remodel.

SEO War breaks down their packages (or SEO ‘Blasts’) into four strata, appropriately titled Braveheart, Washington, Napoleon and Churchill. Broken down into their quantity and spheres of impact, these packages provide various levels of social bookmarking, blogs, discussions, profile links and articles, referred to as grenades, tanks, apache helicopters, and snipers respectively, along with further strategic deployments designed to conquer the market share in searches.

The company also offer further bespoke services associated with each of their packages including flexible pricing, Google position reports and a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee if the work is not carried out for any reason.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “We understand that commanding leading positions in Google rankings is an arms race: Google are always updating and refining their algorithms and choosing to weight and emphasise different elements of website content to provide the perfect results for those searching- we make sure we are on top of these shifting sands honing websites and promotional strategies to stay on top. Businesses are at war with one another over their rankings, and those who don’t take up arms will lose out. In an era where most people start their search for a business online, without our powerful and effective strategies they may not survive.”

About SEO War
SEO War is an affordable pay as you go search engine optimization company based in the UK, prioritising web marketing for small and mid-sized businesses. The company offers variable packages containing a full spectrum of SEO solutions, including social bookmarking, blogs, discussions, profile links and articles. For more information please visit: