SEO Company Malaysia Helps Other Businesses Get Discovered on the Internet

With Proper Search Engine Optimization Strategies, Companies See an Increase in Sales, More Visibility on Web


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2011 -- In order to run a successful business these days, company owners must do more than just provide a great product, low prices, and outstanding customer service. They must also take steps to be sure their company’s website will be readily found during an Internet search. With over 14 billion Internet searches a month, it is easy to understand why search engine optimization should be part of every company’s marketing campaign.

SEO Company Malaysia, a new SEO business recently launched in Malaysia, helps companies get the increased traffic, brand awareness, and higher volume of sales that are the goal of every business owner worldwide, by offering a wide variety of cost-effective SEO services.

“SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is about improving the relevance and trust of your website, to rank higher in the search engine results,” said company spokesperson Larry Lim.

The advantages of SEO services are quite tangible, Lim explained. With better rankings, companies typically see a dramatic increase in traffic, higher brand awareness, and ultimately, more sales.

“The top 3 search results get almost 60% of total clicks,” he said.

Services provided by the SEO company include background research—which involves studying the particular company, as well as the industry it is part of, its products and services, and then also its typical target market—and also keyword analysis—which helps determine the best keywords the business should target.

Content writing, link-building, and on-page optimization are also part of the SEO services provided by the company.

“There are basically two stages in SEO—the initial setup and link-building,” Lim said. “The link-building work is spreaded out and implemented in cycles, to make doubly sure the backlink growth looks natural.”

The bottom line, Lim said, is that by implementing the services offered by SEO Company Malaysia, businesses can expect to see positive movements in their rankings in as soon as 3 months.

SEO Company Malaysia is different in many ways than most other SEO consultant businesses, Lim added. For example, the company offers a flat, monthly, all inclusive-fee to its clients, compared with other consultants that provide a guarantee for “easy but low volume keywords and a low fee with separate charges.”

“We are a virtual SEO department at a fraction of the cost,” Lim said, adding that clients for the SEO Malaysia company include Edelman,, Knight Frank and a Malaysia property portal called

SEO Company Malaysia also owns and operates a handful of established sites, Lim said, including the Singapore press release website,

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