Seo4anyone Partners with E-Commerce Vendors to Build Storefronts Optimized for Website Conversion


Matt, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2012 -- seo4anyone is Miami’s leading internet marketing company specializing in SEO, content writing, social media management, PPC and website optimization services. Through strategic partnerships with E-Commerce vendors, seo4anyone is now providing website optimization and conversion testing services to the vendors’ customers through their white label agency program.

While the names of the partners are undisclosed, the partnership agreements have been customized to meet each partner’s unique needs. For some partnerships, website optimization and testing services are done as a white label service. This means that the customer never knows that the seo4anyone team is doing the work. Instead, the project is managed completely by the E-Commerce vendor and all customer contact is managed by the vendor.

In other cases, an agency relationship exists between seo4anyone and the E-Commerce vendor. In these circumstances the vendor’s clients are aware that the work is being done by an independent 3rd party agency.

seo4anyone is positioned as an expert website conversion testing company located in Miami, Florida who has a strategic partnership with the E-Commerce vendor to provide these services to their clients. Customers are in direct contact with an assigned website optimization expert at seo4anyone and the E-Commerce vendor maintains and arms length distance during the project.

“Due to the success of this program, we have seen greater than 100% growth in our website optimization and testing projects in the fourth quarter of 2012 alone” said Matt Silvers of seo4anyone. These projects have been completed under two use cases.

The first use case is when a company is building a new website. The site may either be a brand new storefront or the site is being re-designed as its being migrated to the new E-Commerce platform.

During the design process the website conversion team works in tandem with the designers to incorporate all proven industry best practices for optimization and conversion as published by MarketingExperiments.

This process focuses on clearly communicating the company’s value proposition, providing incentives to reduce friction and anxiety and making sure the call to action on the page communicates value to the user to earn their click.

This process is applied to all levels of the site including the home page, category pages, product listing pages, product details page, shopping cart, checkout and confirmation page. Additional sections of the site can also be optimized as part of their customized project plan.

The second use case for E-Commerce clients is when customers are interested in testing specific pages or sections of the conversion funnel. These engagements are known as website conversion testing, landing page testing or A/B Testing.

During these projects, 3rd party software is configured to run tests to determine if the conversion rate on a specific page can be improved. A control version of the page is running at the same time the treatment version is running. That way the change in conversion rate can be measured.

After tests reach statistical significance of at least 95%, the items that were changed and resulted in an increase in the conversion rate are then applied to the live website so that all visitors will now see that new version of the page.

Pricing for website optimization projects done during the re-design phase is a flat fee based on the number of pages needed. Landing page conversion testing projects are quoted either on a monthly retainer basis or they can be incentive based.

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