SEOCafeteria, an Innovative Marketing Service Begins Operations


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- SEOCafeteria is not a traditional SEO company. We are short on analysis, and long on service generation, according to founder Richard Weisskopf.

“The marketing services we sell include citation buildingvideo creation and marketing, and content writing in several forms”.

“All of our services are ‘best practices’, and closely adhere to guidelines established by Google. We want our customers to know the money they spend on SEO is an investment that will not be undermined by changes to search engine ranking methods”.

“We have inexpensive, entry level versions of all our services, but the quality and performance to be expected from each services is never compromised, regardless of the order size”, Weisskopf went on to say.

SEO Cafeteria has posted prices for the majority of items sold, with convenient online ordering. The company supports what it sells by providing knowledgeable customer service reps.

“Rather than have designated support personnel, we felt our service would be enhanced if our operating personnel participated” Weisskopf told us. “The information they give will be fresh, and they can learn how our services appear to our customers.

SEOCafeteria is affiliated with, giving the company an unusual mix. “The combination of services really makes a lot of sense. Internet marketing is primarily ‘here I am – choose me’, while direct marketing is more ‘there you are – I found you’, according to Weisskopf.

“Our experience of working in direct marketing roots us in several important ways. We understand from years of working with tight budgets that money spent on marketing is intended to bring tangible, measureable response.

“It also taught us the value and need for long-term relationships. Repeat business can only come from a satisfied customer when their objectives have been met by the services purchased, Weisskopf added.

About SEOCafeteria
A team of seasoned professionals offering no-frills seo services. We keep closely follow ‘best practices’ to protect your investment and enhance the value of your website. Easy to use, and quick to order from, SEOCafeteria is a great choice for affordable and effective website marketing.

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