Joe Bragg Offers Web Hosting for SEO Professionals with Unique C Class IPs


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), half the battle is avoiding the wrath of Google and other search engines. If Google detects any signs that a website is trying to manipulate search engine rankings, it can harshly penalize that website, causing rankings to plummet. In severe cases, Google may even completely remove a website from its search engine rankings.

Today, some web hosts have recognized that online marketers need discretion in order to be successful online. is one such website. At, visitors will find a number of different online marketing solutions designed specifically for marketing professionals, including VPS hosting starting from $49.95 per month and shared hosting for $9.95 per month.

As a spokesperson explains, one of the biggest advantages of working with is its commitment to discretion:

“We understand that online marketers often need to be discrete in order to be successful. Linking multiple websites together under a common IP can be a red flag in the eyes of Google. If Google and other search engines detect any sign of foul play, they’ll harshly punish the site – even if there was no actual foul play going on. If marketers have their own network of sites it’s vital they take precautions and having different C Class IP’s should be one of the precautions they should take.”

For that reason, their website hosting SEO packages come with a number of features that SEO professionals can appreciate, including:

-Unique C Class IPs
-Unique nameservers for every domain
-Unique rDNS for every IP
-Free consultation from SEO experts

While other web hosts are designed to appeal to a wide audience of internet users, has focused its attention on a niche of online marketing and SEO professionals. At, visitors will find more information about the specific hosting packages offered by the company, including dedicated IP hosting, virtual SEO servers, and specific pricing information.

Dedicated SEO server packages come with anywhere from 100 to 300 C Class IPs, for example, and start at $649.95 per month. Meanwhile, shared IP SEO hosting plans start at $9.95 per month for 5 C Class IPs. Customers can order anywhere between 5 to 300 C Class IPs as part of the shared IP hosting plan.

As the spokesperson explains, the company is also dedicated to offering other qualities appreciated by internet marketers, including complete flexibility:

“In order to be successful online, marketers need to have complete control and flexibility over their network of websites. This helps marketers adjust to any changes that may occur and it also allows them to implement whatever optimization techniques they want. We aim to offer complete flexibility on all our plans along with a number of other exclusive advantages.”

More information about the SEO hosting packages offered by along with specific company advantages can be found at

About is a web hosting company that provides hosting for SEO professionals. Web hosting packages come with multiple unique C Class IPs as well as unique nameservers and rDNS. These qualities help marketers implement advanced optimization techniques without putting their entire network of sites at risk. For more information please visit: