SEOLinkCafe Releases Sequel to Successful Link Pyramid Service


Anzoategui, Venezuela -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- has announced the launch of the second version of their successful link building service, Link Pyramid Service. The new version will continue to improve on SEOLinkCafe’s well-established product that gives customers help optimizing their websites for search engines, which drives more traffic to prospective pages.

“Whether or not you have ever dealt with SEOLinkCafe, now is a better time than ever!” says Eduardo Carreras, the CEO & owner of SEOLinkCafe.

The second version of Link Pyramid Service boasts a great deal of improvements and adjustments that claim to greatly improve search engine optimization. The newer version has increased the amount of properties as well as having a three-tier pyramid.

“The combination of these factors and updates has show to pack a lot of power,” says Eduardo Carreras, the CEO & owner of SEOLinkCafe. “It is more power than our previous service ever could dream of!”

SEOLinkCafe also made a big step in modernizing their successful Link Pyramid Service with the addition of social sharing factors. With social media becoming a necessary part of life, SEOLinkCafe aims to stay progressive by applying this technology to their product. They have incorporated social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google into their new update.

“Social sharing factors such as Facebook ‘likes,’ Google ‘+1s,’ Pinterest ‘pins,’ and Twitter ‘tweets’ are now included in this updated version,” says Eduardo.

With all the added and adjusted feature of Link Pyramid Service version two, SEOLinkCafe has not raised the price. This will add to the value as the newer version has some many addition bonuses.

“With only a slight increase in price,” says the SEOLinkCafe rep. “…we are giving you more than ever!”

The Link Pyramid Service offered by SEOLinkCafe boasts a wide array of features that can help website owners and designers increase traffic. The Link Pyramid Service provides clients high quality links, unique content, link diversification, security of links and an optional onsite SEO report to keep track of sites progress and success.

Their strategy, as outlined on their website is to “become successful regardless of the competition.” This has made SEOLinkCafe their newer version even more effective at dealing with the copious updates many sites put in place to keep sites from optimizing. SEOLinkCafe helps websites better adapt to the future of the Internet through website linking.

About SEOLinkCafe
SEOLinkCafe is a search engine optimization business based out of Venezuela. Founded in 2012, SEOLinkCafe has climbed the ranks of the spirited and thriving industry and established itself as a name to watch in recent years. With a particular goal of providing a service that is not only effective but also safe, SEOLinkCafe takes care of its clients, no matter the size, with a large and well-established network of satisfied clients that can attest to their success in service and results.

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