SEO Miracle Implements a 'Top 100' Feature on the Google Rank Checker gives a new feature to their Google Rank Checker which now provides top 100 search results.


Miami Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- The purpose of setting some money aside for on online promotion can make a business outgrow its competitors. Competing for the top spots in Google search results is a must if a business owner has any intention of investing in his business and expanding it. The internet moved from the time when it was only used to transport data and play games. Today, the Internet has become a major market for all businesses and hiring an SEO company to help in promoting its services has become really important. started the Google Rank Checker several months ago and has been implementing new features ever since. is one of the leading SEO companies in the United States that is constantly available to its customers. At, they go above and beyond for their clients by offering not only reliable and fast SEO services, but also a complex system which helps in reporting about the client’s SEO work.

Joshua Hood, CEO and a co-founder of, explained the meaning of this feature, “There has always been a problem with the results and its quantity. Many times people want to see what is behind those few results that many tools for checking Google rankings provide, and they cannot because it is not on option. We wanted to improve the Google rank checker and we have managed to initially provide top 100 results for a searched keyword. Also, there is a powerful algorithm behind the Google rank checker that enables anyone to check Google rankings in just a few seconds.” announced the expansion of the top results and promised that the Google rank checker will get to a point where it will work faster and give even more accurate results.

If you would like to visit the SEO Miracle’s Google rank checker website and see what the company has prepared for its users, go to or call the office phone at 305-432-2350.