Seo Mso Continues to Expand Its Backlink Services After 10 Years in Business


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/08/2012 -- Search Engine Optimization is an incredibly important element of marketing for many businesses. The leads and sales that come from a favorable search positioning for popular keywords can be a huge source of profit. Successful SEO forms the backbone of the traffic generation methods for many websites. However, it can be more difficult than ever to rank for popular keywords due to recent changes in Google’s algorithms.

One website making huge waves in this area is the website of SEO Marketing Services Online, a Search Engine Optimization service. SEO Marketing Services Online has been in business for over ten years a spokesperson explains their success:

“We have been in business pretty much since the beginning of search engine optimization. We have seen Google change their algorithm thousands of times and seen major updates come and go. Each major update sees one of our competitors fall as they have followed unsuitable backlink practices so their business crumbles. We on the other hand have been able to adapt our strategies to feed Google exactly what it wants, this leads to outstanding results for our customers. It’s these excellent results that have allowed our business to survive and prosper over a ten year period.”

The service revolves around “backlinks”. Google’s algorithms calculate search engine results placement on the basis of how many and the quality of backlinks pointing to each site. By selling backlinks to people directly, aims to help people improve their search engine rankings.

The focus of the SEO Marketing Services Online service is affordability. A spokesperson explains how their affordable rates can sometimes cause skepticism:

“We have always priced our backlink packages very tightly to make them affordable for all businesses. Traditionally SEO was only for major brands but our prices make it accessible even for small businesses. However businesses are used to being quoted sky high prices when it comes to SEO so our low prices come as quite a shock. This can lead to disbelief for some customers but once they realize that we have been in business for a long time they realize our offer is genuine and not some marketing gimmick.”

The site fully explains the pricing structure of the service, with different levels priced within the budget of most businesses. There are also several video testimonials, each with a customer singing the praises of SEO Marketing Services Online and the results they gained from using it.

One additional feature of the site is a backlink blog, showcasing useful editorial content regarding backlinks and all aspects of SEO. Both experienced and beginner webmasters will find information that they can use within the articles.

About the is a Search Engine Optimization service that aims to increase user’s natural search placement using backlinks. Their backlink packages are affordable and there are numerous service level available.

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