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Separately Managed Forex Accounts for the Institutional Investor


Hamilton, Bermuda -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2014 -- The average investor of less than one million dollars does not require special attention to how certain positions are managed. However, affluent and institutional investors find a strong attraction to hiring specific firms to manage specific types of asset allocations.One of the most popular separately managed account (SMA) type is foreign exchange. Investing titans such as pension plans, trust funds, and family offices benefit greatly from customized portfolio management. A professionally managed forex account is especially attractive to the affluent investor because of the intricate nature of the forex industry. A market that rarely sleeps, foreign exchange packs a large trading volume with a tight margin of success. Trusting institutional forex exposure to just any financial advisor is a fool’s errand. The Quadron Capital target markets include:

- Multi-Manager Platform
- Multi-Strategy Fund
- Managed Account Controllers
- Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) Family Offices
- Trust Funds
- Family Offices
- Pension Plans

A qualified fund advisory firm is paramount to successful forex investing. Institutional investors cannot afford to take unnecessary risks given their fiduciaryduty to beneficiaries and participants. Unlike the typical do-it-yourself financial advisor, a pedigree forex fund advisor responsibly manages returns and risks. Currencies investment allocations are becoming more attractive as inflationary pressures crush cash returns to less than zero. Forex trading provides institutional investors low alpha correlation to typical domestic exposure. This strategy often pays off over the long-term.

The foreign exchange market fluctuates based on underlying economic and geographical pressures that must be thoroughly understood and tracked by hi-tech algorithms. In the previous decade Eurozone political and economic upheaval made forex transactions volatile. The successful forex investor understands that trading to win is only one piece of the puzzle. A properly focused fund advisory firm focuses on core forex investing competencies and produces long-term results.

About Quadron Capital
Quadron Capital is a professional money management team with hedge fund standard analytics. They promote transparency and make it easy for investors to access quality fund managers. At Quadron Capital, they develop strategies that fit each investor’s unique needs. There are no one-size-fits-all approaches. Not only concerned by investment returns, Quadron Capital takes a defensive stance with regard to inflationary pressure and systematic risks. Our goal is to maximize the risk-return ratio so institutional and affluent forex investors get the most efficient exposures possible. Through advanced quantitative analysis, Quadron Capital fund managers make seeking alpha their full time job. We believe that world class analysis will prevent world class mistakes.


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