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Serenata: New Book Leads Young Readers Through Hidden Keyhole & Into a World of Adventure

Sandra Jacobs’ new novel fuses enriching historical lessons with the fast-paced adventure that young readers crave.


Pelham, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2012 -- With the number of young people reading steadily on the rise, the literary world demands a new breed of book that not only entertains its juvenile readers, but educates them along the way. Thanks to author Sandra Jacobs, a newly-released novel satisfies both counts with vigour.

Serenata mixes a time-gripping fantasy adventure with underlying lessons that will enrich its readers’ lives. In short, it provides the perfect adventure for the young reader who is always craving more.

Official synopsis:

There is a Golden place called SERENATA… Matthew loves exploring and desires to be one of the world’s greatest explorers. He reads about them and dreams about them. He doesn’t realize it, but his wish is about to come true. He would never have thought his dream of being an explorer would start in the hayloft of a barn. An adventurous 10 year old boy named Matt accidentally discovers a new friend, an alternate universe and some valuable lessons.

His new friend Phil (not his real name) is a short tempered sarcastic control freak but also has a surprisingly soft side. Matt finds himself, though reluctantly, being the hero and is caught up in a magical place where time almost stands still. Serenata is a beautiful fun place full of very familiar things that have become unfamiliar. There is also the dark side that Matt contends with along with his new friend and an unexpected old friend.

From castles to the darkest of caves, Serenata is a place full of beauty, color and light that will continue forever and never be forgotten.

Serenata is a children’s/young adult adventure story.

Critics are comparing the books to the likes of The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter and the recent Arrietty releases.

As the author explains, it’s a good and honest adventure with a productive undertone.

“If young people are going to read, they should learn along the way. That’s why the book has an engaging story at heart and a series of educational/life lessons in its path,” says Jacobs.

She continues, “I tested the book out on friends and family. Each of them loved it; something I was delighted to hear.”

Since its general release, Serenata has garnered consistent rave reviews.

“I've read the story, and I'm the mother of 3. It is a story for all ages, and keeps you wondering, what is going to happen next. Good family reading. A+,” says one reader, reviewing the book on Amazon.com.

With success firmly in her hands, Jacobs plans to release more books within the same series.

“This first release is volume one of Serenata. There is much more yet to come,” she concludes.
Serenata, published by CreateSpace, is available now from Amazon.com.

About Sandra Jacobs
Sandra Jacobs lives in Pelham, Alabama.

With a focus on her first releases, Jacobs plans to soon begin work on its sequel.