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Sergei Belski Photography Releases Selection of Best Wedding Pictures of 2013

Naturalistic, striking images convey Belski's talent and eye for composition


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- Sergei Belski Photography today announced the release of a selection of the best wedding photographs it produced in 2013. This annual event showcases some of the highlights from the work of one of the most highly regarded wedding photographers in Canada and includes some stunning and emotion-laden images featuring a wide variety of wedding celebrants in a number of different settings.

"2013 was a wonderful year for us," photographer Sergei Belski stated, "and these beautiful images we captured really sum that fact up." A native of Belarus in Eastern Europe, Belski has lived in and worked from Canada since 1998. He travels worldwide in the course of his work, focusing on producing naturalistic, spontaneous wedding photographs that reflect the real emotions experienced by those in attendance. His work has appeared in a wide variety of top-flight publications, and he has developed a reputation as one of the most skilled wedding photographers in North America.

"Wedding photographs are treasures that are meant to be enjoyed for lifetimes," Belski continued, "and our philosophy allows us to deliver pictures that really stand the test of time." Belski focuses on integrating himself as fully as possible into the events he documents, preferring to be an unobtrusive presence. This, along with his dedication to making sure that guests feel comfortable around him and his equipment, allows him to capture images that faithfully represent the true, spontaneous feelings of those he photographs. This gives his photographs a longevity and endurance that more contrived ones generally lack, a fact which inevitably pleases the families and loved ones of those involved.

Serge Belski Photography offers a wide variety of wedding packages, with each including at no extra charge high-resolution images which have undergone color correction and any other necessary processing before delivery. No travel charge is necessary for appointments in western Canada, and Belski commits to being available for the entirety of every event, without imposing hourly charges for additional time. Equipped with a wide variety of the latest, highest-grade cameras, lenses, and accessories, the Calgary wedding photographer is capable of shooting under any conceivable conditions and in any setting.

"Anyone who appreciates weddings or photography will enjoy looking through our best pictures of 2013," Belski concluded, "and we hope that this sampling of our work will help more people understand how priceless great wedding photography can be." The selection of photographs can be viewed in the "Blog" section of the photographer's web site, where a large number of other images are also available. The site also includes more extensive galleries of the photographer's work, as well as pricing and booking information.

About Sergei Belski Photography
One of the most capable and highly regarded wedding photographers in western Canada, Sergei Belski Photography offers all-inclusive packages to families in that area. Belski can be booked for weddings anywhere in the world, and the natural, memorable products of his work have been published in a variety of publications.