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Serial Entrepreneur & Changemaker Marcio Andrade Emerges as Messiah for Startups

Visionary entrepreneur, changemaker and philanthropist Marcio Garcia de Andrade is helping a large number of business worldwide to amp up their fiscal sector through his wide range of virtual financial companies.


Newtown, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2017 -- New startups struggling with fiscal issues can finally heave a sigh of relief. Serial online entrepreneur and new-generation changemakerMarcio Garcia de Andrade is widely helping businesses to boost up their finances with his innovative line of virtual finance service businesses. From getting unsecured funding to improving credit lines, Andrade's companies are geared to assist entrepreneurs to size up their business finance and take their startups to greater heights.

A highly successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, Marcio is a celebrated alumni of London School of Economics and University of Florida. He is presently the founder of 99th Floor LLC companies that covers a wide range of websites dedicated to financial services, business services and multiple other B2B websites. One of the most acknowledged young entrepreneurs, Marcio's virtual businesses and projects have garnered several accolades from a large number of private & corporate clients. Over the years, he has helped many organizations with robust real-time dynamic solutions. Today he is focused on sharing his immense entrepreneurial talent and energy with fellow startup entrepreneurs.

Keeping in mind the funding issues of startup businesses, Marcio founded a few years back. The virtual company is a sequel of his first online financial service site which he founded while studying in University of Florida. The company consistently garnered #1 position on Google in the category of business loan services till Marcio sold it to 7 years back. is committed to vet businesses to help them attain the required funding via robust relationships with reputed hand-picked lenders like American Express, Capital One, Barclays etc.

"We help our customers with solid credit card financing with high credit lines and low interest rates. We are always looking forward to help our fellow entrepreneurs with easy financing solutions so that they can scale up their business without financial woes", stated a spokesperson from Marcio's company.

Marcio has also come up with that helps out corporate organizations with good credit ratings and history. Moreover, his is dedicated to enabled client-companies to amp up their credit scores and that too dramatically within 1-2 months. the company extends help through host credit accounts that are owned by people willing to help others with poor credit.

"We are not only focused on getting businesses the necessary funding but we also help them to enhance their credit history to make them more eligible for the required business loans", stated Marcio.

Marcio is also the founder of that scrutinizes excess inquiries on credit reports & other forms of online services.

The bright entrepreneur is widely acclaimed for his farsightedness and he has successfully predicted different market trends related to credit, financing & meeting of financial goals. Over the years, his companies has helped numerous businesses & individuals to gain ground in a fluctuating credit market & attain the desired funding to realize their financial aspirations.

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