Serial Entrepreneur Omar Isaac Invents a Revolutionary Augmented Reality Hat That May Actually Beat Google Glass at Its Own Game

Creative Advertising Professional Omar Isaac Develops HattrickWear, Specially Designed Augmented Reality Wear with Unique Capabilities.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- Serial entrepreneur and inventor Omar Isaac is quickly becoming a familiar figure in and around NYC, thanks to his extraordinary creation HattrickWear: An Augmented Reality hat that comes with an extension to plug-in a mobile device and allow users to interact with phone’s screen and camera via two reflecting prisms.

Omar Isaac is all set to take the augmented reality industry by storm with his unique creation HattrickWear. With excellent design and features, HattrickWear is a powerful and affordable alternative to Google Glass.

Interestingly, Omar developed HattrickWear while leading a large Augmented Reality app development project for a major brand. HattrickWear came into being only after the original project plan was changed because of the insufficiency of Google Glass and its low popularity. Utilizing the power of mobile phones, Omar invented a cost effective way for users to benefit from Augmented Reality.

In a common man’s word, HattrickWear is a specially designed hat that users can easily plug-in their mobile devices to. Then, using a pair of reflecting prisms, they are able to utilize the phone’s camera and screen. Users can easily interact with their devices by gestures, voice commands and screen swiping. HattrickWear also comes with a simple remote control for an easy use.

While designing HattrickWear, Omar Isaac and his team has developed a unique structure that comfortably balances all the weight around the head of the users. The prisms are easy to attach and adjust for a perfect viewing experience. The screen reflecting prism is large enough to allow users to be creative without obstructing their vision. Most importantly, it can be used with all types of mobile devices. Some other useful features include:

The extension is removable; to wash the hat, etc.
Easy to swipe the screen and access all the mobile buttons and jacks.
Easy to use remote control.

The prisms are crystal clear, scratch resistance, and can rotate 180 degrees.

HattrickWear can be extremely useful for security application, sports apps, reliable filming and live telecast, live journalism, creative gaming, advertising, and many more applications that require powerful, instant and uninterrupted computing. In the near future, HattrickWear has plans to release SDKs, standers, UX & UI guidelines, templates and all the needed APIs to ensure flawless user experience on all platforms.

Omar Isaac and his team is about to launch a Kickstarter fundraiser to kick HattrickWear into production. To find out more about this unique augmented reality wear and join the madness, please visit

About HattrickWear
HattrickWear is an Augmented Reality specially designed hat, where users can easily plug-in their mobile devices. Then, using a pair of reflecting prisms, they are able to utilize the phone’s camera and screen. Users can easily interact with their device by gestures, voice commands, and screen swiping or by using an easy to use remote control.

Omar Isaac