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Serial Vengeance: Razor-Sharp Psychological Thriller Makes Headlines, as Heroine Journalist Puts Herself in Killer's Crosshairs

Masterfully crafted by Melissa Wren, ’Serial Vengeance’ thrusts readers alongside Olivia Penn, a Washington Post journalist who will stop at nothing to trap the killer of a number of high-profile victims in Washington D.C. The quest is deeply personal and, through a series of gripping psychological twists, Penn is willing to put her life in jeopardy for the story of a lifetime.


Granbury, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2014 -- As a trained journalist with almost two-decades of writing experience, Melissa Wren knows how easy it is to become embroiled in one’s own work. Taking this concept to the nth degree with gusto, Wren’s latest novel explores just how close one Washington Post journalist is willing to get in pursuit of the ultimate story.

‘Serial Vengeance’ fuses fact with fiction to take readers deep into the fast-paced world of the media and inside the mind of a killer. While it’s a quick read, the novel packs more punch than many of its genre’s bestsellers.


If it were just one or two high-profile adulterers committing suicide in the heart of Washington, D.C., it wouldn’t be much of a story. But it keeps happening. And their suicide notes all say the same thing: “I deserve to die.”

Grieving her stillborn son, and reeling from the mysterious disappearance of her best friend two years prior, Olivia Penn buries herself in her work. She’s a Pulitzer Prize–winning reporter for the Washington Post, and if there’s one thing she knows, it’s the scent of a front-page story.

Olivia begins connecting the string of supposed celebrity suicides together, obsessed with breaking the story that there’s a serial killer on the loose in Washington. When the FBI takes over, Olivia knows she’s on to something and has trouble staying out of their way.

A sensational double murder ups the ante in this dangerous psychological game. It’s the first time “The Punisher” reveals himself. Thinking she has nothing to lose, Olivia baits the psychopathic killer with her news stories, putting herself in his crosshairs. Now it becomes terrifyingly personal.

Between her stalker, who is breaking into her home and leaving notes that indicate he knows something about the serial killer, and the strange connections to her best friend’s disappearance, Olivia is caught in a complicated web, and the only way out is to discover why she seems to be the common denominator in this nightmare.

The closer she gets to the truth, Olivia discovers that death is more imminent than she realized.

“With summer heating up, this makes the perfect vacation read,” says Wren, who currently works as a freelance writer and editor. “I’ve got a direct insight into the world of journalism and understand just how influential the media can be. Most successful journalists live for ‘the story’, and Olivia is willing to take her passion to the point where her life is at risk. There’s plenty of twists along the way to keep readers needing only the edge of their seats…or beach towels!”

Continuing, “It will leave readers questioning how far they would go for the truth and justice, and discussing how much Olivia’s ties to the killings influenced her stop-at-nothing approach. This is a great novel for reading clubs and discussion groups, as there’s plenty of thought-provoking debate about it to be had in the real world.”

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To purchase ‘Serial Vengeance’ and for more information on this author’s list of freelance services, visit: http://www.melissawrenbooks.com. This book is also available on Amazon, with the Kindle version coming soon.

About Melissa Wren
Author Melissa Wren brings a background in journalism and over four years of experience living in the heart of Washington, D.C. to this dark, suspenseful, psychological thriller set among the political intrigue of the nation’s capitol.

After gaining her B.A. in broadcast journalism from Texas Tech University in 1998, Melissa Wren moved abroad to London, England and began her career in advertising, which eventually took her to Dallas, Texas and then to Monterey, California. After over four years on the West Coast, she relocated to Washington, D.C. to work in communications and with the press for a government agency for four more years.

She currently lives in her hometown of Granbury, Texas, and works as a freelance writer and editor, penning anything from professional business copy, magazine articles, poetry, and creative fiction to non-fiction. As a VIP member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), Wren was recently named a 2013/2014 Professional Woman of the Year. Wren also compiled ‘Cancer Chronicles: One Man’s Journey to Glorify God Through Illness.’