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Serious Monkey Bizzness Explains "Truth" About Drug Tests

There are many misconceptions about who can demand drug tests and for what reasons. Serious Monkey Bizzness discusses the truth about drug testing and offers advice on how to handle drug testing situations.


Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- Every state has its own laws regarding drug testing. In some states, employees can be required to pass a drug test before being hired; in other states, only drug testing of current employees is allowed. In most states, minors cannot be forced to pass a urine drug test unless they are involved in competitive sports. In some locations, courts can mandate that certain criminals pass a urine drug test on a regular basis to avoid prison or additional fines.

While many people who may be interested in purchasing a detox for drug test kit want to avoid unpleasant consequences, there are situations in which fake pee can be used safely and others in which it is wise not to try. Serious Monkey Bizzness, a company that offers detox drug test kits and other ways to beat a drug test wants to alert potential customers of the pitfalls of trying to pass a urine test under certain circumstances.

Before considering passing a urine drug test, the primary concern must be to find out if the individual or agency has the right to demand urine testing or saliva testing. Many groups couch the language of a "voluntary" Icup drug test in such a way that people may believe they are required to pass a urine test. Unfortunately, once the employee has agreed to employment drug testing, the employer has access to all the information gained from the test, including pregnancy status and other health issues.

When drug testing is required for legal reasons, it is always best not to tamper with the results. Unlike changing the results of a urine test or other biological screening for an employer, the consequences of changing one for the court system are much more serious. An employer may fire an employee who refuses to give a drug screening sample or may take other punitive action; however, a person who deliberately alters the results of a urine or other type of drug test taken under court order faces jail time, fines and other criminal sanctions.

Clearly there are times when refusing a drug test or changing the results is perfectly legal and helps to protect the person’s information. For those who want to know how to pass a urine drug test when the test results are not mandatory, Serious Monkey Business may be able to help with urine kits and other items that can mask the biological factors found in most urine samples.

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Serious Monkey Bizzness is a company dedicated to helping consumers understand and deal with the reality of drug testing through urine, saliva, hair and other body samples. Serious Monkey Bizzness provides consumers with information and items that may help them deal with drug testing issues.

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