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Serpify Founders Offer Free Lifetime Account to Celebrate Website Launch


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2014 -- Roshan Sethia, co-founder of Serpify, announced the launch of the company’s new traffic exchange website. To celebrate its launch, the co-founders are offering a free lifetime Serpify account. Assisting bloggers and business owners that target one keyword at a time, it’s the most SEO friendly traffic exchange available and emphasizes quality over quantity.

“We’ve had a successful launch with over 500 downloads in the first three days,” said Sethia. “We’re super excited to announce some very powerful new features that include the Backlink Igniter in the coming weeks. Imagine being able to give more authority to links pointing back to your money sites – Serpify will do all that and more.”

The new firm epitomizes the concept of global collaboration. Sethia (India) and co-founders Justin Smith (U.S.) and Marco Giacinti (Italy) all met on the online marketplace Fiverr. The partnership resulted in a traffic exchange that impacts search engine ranking positions and decreases bouncing. The collaborative effort was motivated by problems they encountered through Fiverr. The co-founders agree that the site is beneficial for creative and development services, but traffic and SEO services were lacking.

Serpify searches Google for the owner’s website keywords and finds their pages in the top 100 results of Google’s organic index. The engine visits the individuals website and spends up to five minutes browsing it. Website owners experience decreased bounce rates, while demonstrating to Google that viewers value the website for the keywords that are being targeted for an increase in SERP.

“We know content quality is important, but few have considered the importance of traffic quality,” added Giacinti. “Quality traffic can really make a huge impact on search engine ranking positions. Serpify aims to deliver just that. I was really impressed with Justin and Roshan’s ideas. Working in this team environment has been a real game changer.”

“Coming from similar backgrounds, we’ve really been able to pool our resources together and create something awesome,” said Smith. “Serpify is something people in the Internet marketing community really need and that’s the most important thing to keep in mind when developing software. Website owners don’t want traffic that lands on their website, visits one page for a few seconds and then bounces. It looks bad on the analytics and if it looks bad to the owner of the website, just imagine what it looks like to the big G.”

Serpify is a revolutionary new crowd-sourced traffic exchange that improves rankings by increasing your organic click through rate. While being fully monetization friendly, Serpify ignites backlinks, improves rankings and significantly lowers bounce rates. Multiple plans are available to accommodate individual requirements, ranging from the free Rookie account to $99 for the Pro account. With the free lifetime Serpify account currently being offered, bloggers, business owners and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to eliminate unproductive traffic and focus on quality.

For more information, visit the website at

About is a free cloud-delegated crowd-sourced traffic exchange with a super lightweight Windows desktop client. While Serpify could be compared to other traffic services like HitLeap, where it differs is a strong emphasis on traffic quality versus quantity. If you don’t care about bounce rates, cloaked referrers or protecting the integrity of your website(s), then the other services will work just fine. If you’re looking for quality traffic that spends five minutes browsing your website and doesn’t bounce, Serpify is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s currently available for all versions of Windows and coming soon for Mas OS and Linux.

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