Serpify Highlights Importance of Quality Website Traffic

Improved Search Engine Ranking Positions with High Quality Traffic


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2014 -- Traffic is very important for websites and online businesses, but what kind of traffic is best? It is crucial to remember that not all types of traffic are actually beneficial, and some traffic can be irrelevant and actually have a negative impact. At quality traffic is not as easy as it seems to be. There's really two options, one is organic search engine optimization and the other is paid search placements. Regardless of the route people take, it's often a lengthy and costly investment to get the traffic that's likely to convert. When going the organic route, now more than ever the organic search CTR plays a large role in the position of site in the search index.

It's not just the organic CTR that's important, but also the number of pages that are visited by the visitor after they visit a website, and the amount of time spent by the visitors on each page. Do they care about the content or what the website has to offer? Or do they just bounce as soon as they land on the home page? Irrelevant traffic with extremely high bounce rates do website owners no justice whatsoever for search engine optimization, it may help with the Alexa ranking, but that's about as far as it goes.

Serpify was designed to improve the quality of the traffic and not the irrelevant quantity of traffic. The crowdsourcing SEO tool outperforms every other traffic network when it comes to search engine optimization and internet marketing. The same is applicable to link building and content, quality always wins over quantity. Serpify understands how Google places authority on certain factors such as the searching, visiting and the browsing activity. When Google identifies that an overwhelming majority of website visitors are finding a specific website by searching for a specific keyword, and then spending a significant amount of time on multiple pages of the site, the website instantaneously gains authority over that target keyword and Google automatically ranks this website higher in their organic index. “SEO experts have known for some time now that content quality is king. We now realize quality always reigns supreme over quantity, and that’s why we created Serpify… Because quality matters above all else”, says Justin Smith, Co-founder Serpify.

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Serpify, based in Orlando, Florida is a crowdsourcing traffic exchange solution that sends high quality organic CTR traffic to websites. None of that junk traffic with cloaked referrers that bounces in 10 seconds or less. The traffic exchange was exclusively designed with SEO pros and small businesses in mind, helping improve their rankings on Google, one keyword search at a time.