Serpify Traffic Exchange Launch Is a Huge Success

Improved Search Engine Rankings with Serpify


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- Traffic Quality also plays an important role apart from other factors for improved search engine ranking such as quality content, on-page optimization, social signals, link and page quality. To generate quality traffic, websites need a system that can generate high quality traffic. Not just any traffic but traffic that is preferred by Google. Serpify is a Cloud Delegated Crowd Sourced Traffic wherein it performs the searches for keywords, finds the pages in the search results, visits the website for at least 5 minutes and browses multiple pages on the site at random intervals. “We were expecting a successful launch, but we had no idea we’d grow to nearly 600 users in just a few days time. This launch has been everything we expected and more”, says Roshan Sethia, co-founder Serpify when asked about the launch of SERPIFY.

All this is done from real IP’s and User Agents across the serpify network. The catch here is that the same IP will not search for the same keyword and find the same websites twice in a row. Google here notices that one page is getting a lot of attention against a certain keyword or key phrase. When this happens, the SERP automatically improves. “We’re ecstatic, we couldn’t be happier. We created a product internet marketers and SEO professionals really needed, this is something webmasters and bloggers can truly benefit from. Above all, we’re just happy we’re able to make something people really want to use”, says Marco Giacinti co-founder Serpify.

SERPIFY improves the search engine ranking positions by searching your keywords and then visiting your websites for an extended period of time. It is a revolutionary desktop solution exclusively designed for SEO experts and small business online that are looking at gaining a competitive edge in the organic search engines. Improving the SERP is otherwise hard as generating better SEO ranking especially for competitive keywords is complicated. But once that is achieved it is very profitable as well. SERPIFY simplifies this process of generating better rankings. “It took over a year of development efforts, we thought we’d be ready back in January but we came up with new ideas and decided to completely revamp our user interface. Making a product people want is one thing, making it user friendly is a whole different obstacle”, says Justin Smith, co-founder Serpify.

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Serpify, based at Orlando, Florida is a professional SEO software company that helps websites, blogs and other online businesses improve their search engine ranking positions by increasing the organic click through rates in Google. Serpify specializes in SERP improvements through quality organic CTR traffic, and of course free SERP tracking.