SERP Scan Launches New Online Rank Tracker With Market Leading Features


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2012 -- Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective ways of promoting a website. Websites that successfully reach the top of the search engine rankings for competitive keywords can expect to enjoy massive traffic boosts, and corresponding increases in revenue and profit. However, reaching the top isn’t easy, and SEO practitioners always appreciate any useful tools that can help them on the way.

One website making waves in this area is, an online tool that lets webmasters track the search engine ranking of their site for various keywords. This new rank tracker website is getting attention for a rich feature set and an intuitive and attractive interface that makes tracking search engine rankings easy and intuitive.

The site’s graphing functions make it possible for SEO practitioners to detect trends and determine which SEO activity has the biggest impact on rankings over time, which can be an exceptionally enlightening feature for both beginners and experienced practitioners. There is also an e-mail alert system, which helps busy business owners keep a close eye on movement in their search engine rankings despite a hands off approach.

In addition to these useful features, the site is also designed to make it as easy as possible to use. The uncomplicated and intuitive interface makes it incredibly simple to operate, ultimately saving time for the site’s users.

SEO professionals even have the facility to create accounts for their clients so they can watch their rankings grow. With marketing professionals more concerned about ROI and analytics than ever, this is an incredibly useful service for SEO consultants to offer their clients.

A spokesperson for the site said:

“Keeping a close watch on your search engine ranking is an integral part of effective SEO, but it is neglected all too often. Many SEO practitioners, Internet marketers and online business owners pay too little attention to what is going on with their rankings. . Of course most people check where their site is ranked for their chosen keyword from time to time, but it’s all too common for business owners to neglect to keep close enough watch on their rankings. In general, the more informed you are about your SEO efforts, the more likely you are to be effective. The precise details of Google’s search engine placement algorithms are a closely guarded secret, and they seem more opaque and mysterious now than ever. By using our SERP tracker to keep a close eye on your search engine ranking for your chosen keywords, you can remove some of the guesswork from SEO. You can quickly identify which strategies work, and which don’t. That leads to increased rankings for your keywords, increased traffic to your website, and increased sales for your business.”

SERP Scan is a brand new keyword rank tracker. It helps SEO professionals, online business owners, and bloggers monitor their rankings over time and track their SEO efforts.

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