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ServiceMaster Offers Commercial Restoration for Fire and Smoke Damage on a 24/7 Schedule

Information on Service Master’s available fire restoration services.


Vero Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2012 -- ServiceMaster offers fire and smoke damage restoration for commercial businesses of all sizes across South Florida. ServiceMaster offers fire restoration and remediation services on a twenty four hour a day, seven day a week schedule. This ensures that ServiceMaster is available whenever emergency fire responses are required across South Florida. Fire damage requires a quick response both to save any materials that may have been stained by excessive soot, smoke or ash. The cosmetic damage from soot, ash and smoke are only the start of the damage that a fire can cause, particularly a large fire in a commercial property. Chemical reactions in laminates, plastics and other burnt chemicals can create immensely hazardous compounds that require professional attention. Swift removal of soot, harmful chemicals and other fire damage materials is important to salvaging whatever is left after a fire.

ServiceMaster professionals use the latest in chemical combinations and tools to combat the harmful chemical reactions caused by fire. After the hazardous chemicals have been removed from the site of a fire then ServiceMaster works to clean and salvage all materials the fire hasn’t destroyed. ServiceMaster also employs a team of certified remediation professionals to assist in mold recovery after a fire suppression discharge. ServiceMaster fire restoration teams begin work immediately on removing soot from at risk items like porous metals, marble, tile and cloth materials such as carpet and curtains. ServiceMaster remains open 24/7 with the understanding that fire restoration must begin promptly if the damage is to be mitigated and property is to be restored.

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