Service Wing Healthcare with Its Upgraded Health Monitoring Software Solution Organized an Event to Discuss the Various Features of Their Product

A premier brand in the healthcare industry, Service Wing Healthcare, with its innovative software solution has created a niche for itself as it promises quality patient healthcare services.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Service Wing Healthcare in its efforts to bring top quality medical services to people, has come up with its new age innovation in the form of a unique software solution that would not only create an advanced patient file, it also gives prior warning for any severity, thereby guiding the hospital authorities and the family members to be alert and take required precautions for smooth management of the situation. With this software, the company aims to create a specialized service line thereby helping the hospitals and clinics to make the best of their treatment facilities. Effectively trying to reduce patient readmission, this software, ensures that the patients after getting back home, receive top quality care. The CEO of the michael kurgan service wing healthcare stated that with multiple sensor attachments, this software works with WI-fi and Bluetooth devices and collect fresh information from Body Area Network.

The collected information is then compiled with the patient's PMR and the EMR, forming finally a compact and all inclusive report about the patient's condition. The information is stored in the cloud platform based personal dashboards and one don't have to update the information manually, since the sensors working through BAN tend to update the information regularly and on noticing any changes in the health pattern, they inform through warnings. The company executives stated that with little training, the hospital staff members will be able to handle these software loaded devices with great ease and this will also reduce the incidences of a major rush and hurry during any emergency. The company CEO mentioned, that the clients can easily find information by searching Kurgan ServiceWing, wherever they stay. Searching for Michael Kurgan Chicago based clients can gain all information required to know before availing this software. Further, the company authorities mentioned that with this software solution, the hospitals can easily cut down on the treatment costs by offering good quality treatments at affordable prices. The reduction in readmission is another possibility that's working towards curtailing the expenses that the patient families have to bear, every time they bring back their patient for the same problem.

Other than helping with advanced healthcare facilities, this software is also equipped to analyze mental health conditions and helping veterans and clinicians at the same time. This software creates an advanced patient centric report that is further used in allotment of assignments. The Michael Kurgan company management mentioned that with great efforts from Michael Kurgan shipnow facilities are made available to the clients, interested in availing the services and products of the company. The company management further mentioned that for complete information about the company and its products, the clients need to go through the company site thoroughly. The site offers complete information on the software solution and its benefits in the healthcare and mental healthcare domains.

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