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ServiceMaster by Glenn Is State Certified for Mold Remediation on the Treasure Coast

Information on ServiceMaster by Glenn and state certified mold remediation services.


Vero Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2012 -- The Treasure Coast has an extensive need for mold remediation even outside of storm season. The humidity combined with average annual rainfall does lead to mold in all manner of commercial spaces and residences. There are a limited number of remediation services state certified in mold removal and work. This is a primary reason that ServiceMaster by Glenn provides 24 hour mold remediation service year round. ServiceMaster by Glenn also offers flood remediation, water removal, fire remediation and quick response to natural and man-made disasters of all shapes and sizes. ServiceMaster by Glenn has 33 years of experience in dealing with Treasure Coast storm weather remediation as well as large loss recovery and other commercial restoration services.

Mold growth can grow within 48 hours and will continue to grow once set. If a flood disrupts a home or business typically a complete dry within the initial 24 hours is the best way to prevent the onset of mold. That 24 hour range can be far shortened if the water is not clean so a rapid response is always recommended. Once mold has set simple drying is not effective and a full removal and remediation is the only way to properly remove the fungal infestation. ServiceMaster by Glenn provides both water removal and drying and state certified mold remediation services 24 hours a day to all of the Treasure Coast.

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