Serving Police Officer Launches New App Pocket Sergeant That Helps New Police Offers in Their Career


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/16/2015 -- Paul Cooper, a serving police officer in Lincolnshire, England, understands what it is like to be a rookie on the beat. He understands what new police officers go through in their early years, and the support they need. Paul Cooper also understands the support that long serving officers who face a new challenge each day need, and that is why he has developed a new exciting app called Pocket Sergeant.

Pocket Sergeant is an innovative app, which has proven to be an immensely helpful tool for new police officers in the United Kingdom. In any new job, people learn as they go on, and mistakes can be made. By having the Pocket Sergeant app at hand, a new police officer can be confident in their role with a wealth of experience at hand. The app can help to reduce the number of times a new officer needs to contact senior officers to confirm a procedure or seek advice on an issue they have not come across before.

In addition to new police officers, the app has a recognized benefit for others interested in the field of law enforcement. Some people who want to know more about the law either for their studies or as a possible career choice can install the app on their smartphone and have an entire resource library available at their fingertips.

Pocket Sergeant has been welcomed by the security industry that see the app as a valuable tool for their store detectives and retail security guards. With so much information at hand, security professionals can feel confident in their role without having to ask supervisors for advice on a continuous basis.

The cost of the Pocket Sergeant is £3.99 and profits from the app will be reinvested to add further content and features that users request.

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About Pocket Sergeant
Pocket Sergeant is an app that is helping serving police officers to deal with day-to-day situations in a modern police world.

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