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Click Automation Now Features Servo Control Systems

Variety of Servo Products Create Accurate and Cost-Effective Systems


Hampstead, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2012 -- Click Automation has teamed up with some of the most respected names in the servo control systems industries to offer effective and affordable products to its clients. These servo control systems control motor speed and positioning, for accurate performance. Among the industry-leading servo control system components offers by Click Automation are closed-loop stepper controls and servo amplifiers.

Click Automation offers Logosol Inc. and Galil Motion Control motion controllers among its servo control systems. Logosol makes a high-speed, cost-effective RS485 motion network. Logoso allows users to custom tailor servo control systems to their needs, with mix-and-match step motors, brush, brushless, and even linear motors, or adding I/O nodes for additional inputs and outputs. Galil manufactures a wide range of single and multi-axis motion controllers designed to solve a wide range of motion control applications. The Optima Series, the company’s latest generation of multi-axis controllers, offers the highest level of performance.

The true closed-loop servo control systems offered by Click Automation provide a cost-effective alternative for applications requiring higher performance, added reliability, safety, or product quality-assurance. An optical encoder is used to close the position, velocity and current loops in real time, just like traditional servo control systems, but at a fraction of the cost. This ensures real-time closed loop control of position, speed, and torque every 250 microseconds with updates and corrections.

As part of the servo control systems, Click Automation’s clients can benefit from servo amplifiers. These components are used extensively in motion control systems where precise control of position and/or velocity is critical. The network servo amplifiers for servo control systems can connect to a PC over a high-speed network and operate in a “mater-slave” configuration, allowing it to control up to 32 axes over a single network. This tool is especially useful for multi-axis applications or as a low-cost motion solution.

For additional information about these industry-leading servo control systems, visit, or call (603) 329-8151.

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