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Set Up a Romantic Valentines Surprise by Getting Ready as Early as January


Quezon City, Manila -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- This is the year to make things right for everyone. And this does not only apply to a person’s family, money and career. It also applies to a person’s relationship. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, most people must prepare early. After all, it is no longer enough that loved ones are surprised with a gift. Valentines is more than a day. It is a season. Anyone can agree that it is more romantic if their partner gives them different gifts across different days.

To set Filipinos up for the season, Regalo Manila has decided to give their market a series of gift ideas. These gift ideas can be given as one gift or they can be spread across a number of days. But it is still up to the sender on what type of gift to send out. Here are some gift ideas that are designed to make just about any woman smile.

A Bouquet of Flowers
First of all, nothing can go wrong with a bouquet of flowers. As long as the recipient does not associate negative memories with certain flowers or certain colors, then flowers will always serve as a good gift for Valentine’s Day. After all, sending some flowers is known to be the perfect way to make someone happy. Though it is simple, it can always make someone smile. This is why you’ll usually see lots of flowers being sold on this special day. Valentines is a day for flowers.

In Regalo Manila, clients can choose from an assortment of bouquets ranging from roses, carnations, gerberas and tulips. From here, they can easily send flowers to the Philippines without the hefty costs. It will only depend on the type of flower their partners like. Here are some questions that they should ask themselves.

- Do certain flowers trigger a good memory?
- Did my partner mention that he or she likes a particular color?
- Did my partner say that he or she likes certain types of flowers?
- Did my partner say that he or she likes a particular bouquet arrangement?

In the end, sending the perfect Valentines gift is all about choosing the perfect flower arrangement. After all, it is not enough that someone sends some flowers. The flowers should also be chosen according to the preferences of the client’s loved ones or recipient.

A Basket of Chocolates
Second on the list of Regalo Manila is a basket of chocolates. This is suggested by Regalo Manila because it is the second best type of gift to send in this special occasion. While it may not be as romantic as flowers, it is still as sweet. In fact, this is the perfect gift for those girls who love to eat. This is why this is a perfect gift if the sender is close to his or her partner. This is because they can easily tell which brand their partner likes.

A Cuddly Stuffed Toy
In the same way, Regalo Manila’s clients can also send a big cuddly toy instead of the traditional flowers and chocolates. According to Regalo Manila, stuffed toys make great gifts not only because the stuffed toys are cute but also because it reminds a person of the warmth that he or she can feel when he or she is hugged by someone.

Regalo Manila suggests a combination of the three or a slow surprise spread across a number of days. On top of that, senders should also prepare a special message or a gimmick so that they can give their partners a Valentine’s Day that their partners will never forget.