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Seven Little Known Ways Drivers Can Save Money on Their Car Insurance Immediately


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2012 -- These days, saving money is on everybody’s mind. From clipping coupons to save on groceries to taking advantage of daily deals offered by group discount sites.

But when it comes to auto insurance, knowing how to save money can be tricky, especially since every insurance provider seems to claim they offer more discounts than their competitors.

The only true way for a driver to be assured they are receiving every applicable discount is to understand all of the deductions they qualify for and locate the insurance providers offering those specific savings. Unfortunately, that can be an arduous task and take quite a bit of time to research.

Offering in-depth auto insurance savings information, InsuranceTipsandRates.com is a new site allowing drivers to quickly compare car insurance quotes from the top providers featuring the best discounts available. By simply entering their zip code, site visitors can locate the highest rated car insurance companies in their area and within minutes receive free car insurance quotes. The site also features comprehensive articles that provide drivers with the information they need to know about the variety of auto insurance discounts available to them.

Most drivers are familiar with a majority of the car insurance discounts offered by providers, including safe driver discounts and savings for good students. But there are also a number of lesser-known deductions. Unless a person is already aware of these extra saving opportunities, an insurance provider is unlikely to bring these deductions to light.

Seven little known ways to save money auto insurance include: selecting a higher insurance deductible, adding anti-theft or safety devices to a car, taking a defensive driving course, combining car insurance and homeowner’s insurance policies, being a member of certain associations, adding multiple cars to one policy, and removing or reducing coverage for older vehicles.

But even with all of these available discounts, it is important for drivers to understand which ones apply to them to choose the right insurance provider.

According to InsuranceTipsandRates.com, “Every insurance company advertises that they have more discounts than the others, but when it comes down to it none of that promise matters. They could have 500 discounts, but only five are what you would qualify for, so that doesn’t really help you much. You need to see what you would qualify for so you can truly match the offers from one company to another.”

To help drivers understand the multitude of discounts available, InsuranceTipsandRates.com provides detailed articles and tips on how to save on auto insurance.

Additionally, the site eliminates the need for cumbersome research by allowing drivers to quickly compare auto insurance quotes online with its easy-to-use car insurance search function.

With the site’s free car insurance quotes, drivers can not only save time, but also money by staying up-to-date on the newest driver discounts available.

And according to the site, shopping around for car insurance frequently allows drivers to stay abreast of how their situation is viewed differently amongst different auto insurance providers.

For more information on how to save money on car insurance, visit http://www.InsuranceTipsandRates.com

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