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Seven Secrets - The Kabbalah Code: Ground-Breaking New Book Uses Hebrew Numerical Values to Reveal How the Torah Was Really Edited

In ‘Seven Secrets’, author James Schloner reveals divine secrets which were previously known only to a select few initiates. Through over fifty compelling examples, readers will discover how an editor wove God’s names into the Torah using specific numbers of words and letters to form divine names.


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2013 -- According to the traditional understanding, Kabbalah dates from Eden. However, while its interpretations are now thousands of years old and often taken as gospel, author James Schloner is using ‘The Kabbalah Code’ to expose to millions how the Torah was really edited.

Many experts believe that ‘The Kabbalah Code’ is the true Bible Code. Within the text, Schloner proves that God really does live in the Bible because his name is secretly woven into the text.

The author explains more.

“The Torah writer crafted a masterpiece: on the surface, the Bible stories have timeless compelling life lessons, yet beneath the surface the writer used the same letters and words to form names of God,” says Schloner.

Continuing, “This secret teaching and tradition is objective, verifiable, and undeniable. Now, ‘The Kabbalah Code’ reveals this secret knowledge to the public for the first time ever.”

The book garners bold credibility through its use of over fifty examples, lifted directly from the text of the Torah. With such stark proof laid directly in front of each reader, Schloner sees his discovery as impossible to disprove.

“This isn’t just a theory I thought up – it’s a vital pattern throughout the Torah that I can openly prove with great transparency. I’ve discovered that some experts have not been supportive of my decision to make my discovery public – due to its ability to discredit numerous theories that individuals have made a living out of preaching. However, a discovery as compelling as this cannot be held back; it’s simply too great,” he adds.

The following examples, lifted directly from the book, reveal for the first time how God’s name reverberates in the Bible:

-In the Covenant of Circumcision: God speaks 314 letters regarding his duties. The paragraph on God’s duties has 345 total letters including the non-spoken letters. 345 is the numerical value of El Shaddai, Almighty God, the God who introduces himself to Abraham in this covenant.

-In the Angel Visitation Covenant: God and Abraham speak 505 letters about Sodom, 505 is the numerical value of Sarah.

-God and Sarah speak 248 letters, the numerical value of Abraham.

-Sarah and Abraham speak 543 letters, the numerical value of Eyeh Asher Eyeh, I am that I am.

To further explain the background and concept of his discovery, Schloner has created an eye-opening and engaging PowerPoint presentation. Across over eighty slides, readers are given a powerful introduction to the book’s premise as well as presented with a number of examples that make the book an even more attractive read.

Those wanting to view the presentation can download a free copy here.

For those still on the fence, Schloner has some wise words.

“When you make the connection with the Torah Code, you are connecting with God’s name - His essential vital presence. Want to connect with the divine? Reading the Torah in Hebrew awakens God in the book and connects us to the divine. Want to enliven the Divine in your life? Connect with ‘The Kabbalah Code’ now!” he concludes.

For more information, visit the book’s official website: http://theseven-secrets.com/

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The author is from Minneapolis.