SeVen - The Haute Couture Experience Presents High Fashion at Its Highest


Dubai, United Arab Emirates -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- In 2007, one of the premier event management and production companies in the world, Involver Experience - a division of Involver Luxury Group - launched a platform for showcasing Middle East high fashion and world class luxury at its best.  seVen™ - The Haute Couture Experience held its inaugural event in 2007, at the world’s only 7 star hotel, The Burj Al Arab in Dubai and was attended by the upscale regional and international celebrities, royalty and select media and VIP’s.  It took only once for the precedent to be set.  seVen™ - The Haute Couture Experience, managed and produced by Involver Experience had become the standard for luxury and high fashion events in the Middle East.

“We wanted a truly world-class showcase for Middle East fashion & creativity, something that promotes our designers & our region. We work hard to go above and beyond," commented Involver Luxury Group owner & CEO Acer Jamal. “It is very important to make each event stand-out and seVen™ - The Haute Couture Experience does just that.”

Because of the success, global impact and heightened prestige of the event, this year, seVen™ - The Haute Couture Experience is raising the bar once again.  Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi will host high fashion shows managed by the team at Involver Experience. Each city will be home to the unveiling of seven top, one-of-a-kind designs from the top seven fashion ateliers in the Middle East followed by VIP gala after-parties and festivities honoring the attending region’s top fashion designers.  Dubai will play host to seVen™-the Haute Couture Experience in October of 2013, then Abu Dhabi will shine under the lights of the runway in January 2014.  Because of the affluent attendees and powerful guests, both events are premier opportunities for companies partnering with the lnvolver Luxury Group and seVen™ affiliates to put their brand out there for regional & international exposure.

The seVen™ Charity Fundraiser, planned for the first half of 2014, will bring the two cities together with fourteen of the most influential fashion designers in the Middle East, the seVen™ partners and their affiliates for an auction designated for the purpose of raising awareness and much needed funds for some of the regional children’s charities.  While in attendance, guests will enjoy yet another amazing and unforgettable event produced by Involver Experience.

The final event of seVen™- The Haute Couture Experience season comes in May 2014.   seVen™ and Involver Luxury Group will be presenting the seVen™ Collectors Book launch.  All 2013/2014 affiliates, partners, designers and the press are invited to enjoy the unveiling of the book and yet another spellbinding event by Involver Experience. The seVen™ Collector’s Book is published in limited numbers and is available only at the book launch.  The upscale yearbook for the season of seVen™-The Haute Couture Experience will feature photographs, both studio and event, with featured stories of the year gone by provided by the designers, charities, partners and affiliates.  The height of the fashion extravaganzas, the thrill of the charity auction and the excitement of the first ever seVen™ Collectors Book launch are sure to put talk of the Middle East fashion world on the forefront of the world’s fashion news, as well as on the lips of those who fancy themselves fashion authorities.

For more information on Involver Experience & seVen™, contact:
Acer Jamal
Involver Luxury Group
Dubai, UAE