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Sewing Shows World-Class Photography Appeal: The Remnant House Comments


Harrogate, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2015 -- A photographer has highlighted the enduring appeal of sewing and its visual impact, as he enters an inspiring snap of women stitching fishing net for the National Geographic Photo Contest 2015. Submitted just before the deadline, the image, taken by Pham Ty is shot in a fishing village in Vietnam. The array of colours and traditional craft incorporated into the picture is expected to make it popular, and keen to comment on this have been a number of experts, including The Remnant House.

Ty's photography highlights sewing as an international activity which strikes a nostalgic note in the hearts of many. The image focuses on the task of two women, who appear surrounded by swathes of colourful fabric in an attempt to reel in a bright green fishing net. Taken in Nihn Thuan in the coastal area of Vinhhy Bay, the photograph holds great clarity despite the level of movement occurring in the picture. The intricacy of the craft and yet the power of the image is striking, already attracting a great deal of positive publicity.

The National Geographic Contest annually attracts stunning shots from all over the world, intended to showcase cultural appeal. That sewing is included in this highlights its sentimental value as a common human activity, something The Remnant House, an expert in the field, was keen to comment on. A spokesperson had this to say:

"We think that Ty's entry is a stunning illustration which combines the best of two art forms – photography and sewing. It is so interesting to see the interplay here, and the level of colour is outstanding. The image has already struck a chord with a number of viewers, and we expect this is because sewing is a time-enduring activity which expresses a mood of self-sufficiency and endurance. We wish all entrants the very best of luck."

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