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Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- The team at “Sex Questions And Answers” is exited to announce the launch of their new online platform, which aims to create a worldwide community to discuss sex. Discussions range from doubts, fantasies, curiosity, sexuality, and fetishes, and serves as a place where regular people can ask questions, and get answers from other regular people.

“Sexuality is a beautiful part of human life, and a language all people from around the world speak, one which shouldn't be suppressed,” says Filippo Cordioli, project founder and web entrepreneur; “Sexual liberation comes from talking to others, and expressing your fantasies, desires, and learning to open your mind and try new experiences.”

The platform is a place for people to learn about sex from others who have had similar sexual experiences. It allows users the opportunity to ask questions about sexual topics they are curious to explore, while playing guru to in their areas of sexual expertise. Users can register for free on the site, via a process, which takes under a minute.

“Everyone has a sexual move of position, which they covet,” the founder says, “Its like James bond and his secret weapon, they know it will send their partner into a sea of sexual bliss. We want to invite everyone to log on and “jump in bed” with us and start exploring their sexuality.”

“Sex Questions and Answers” is a platform, which aims to democratize information about sex, by building a community where personal sexual experience can be shared. It aims to help those young and old explore their sexuality, learn from others, and discover new experiences. It is a place where real people ask and answer real questions about sex. Feel free, feel comfortable, put your shame aside and open up.

About, an Italian web project born in 2012 that become international in 2013. The "Sex Questions and Answers" community believes in the power of sharing knowledge personal experiences. Sex is a beautiful and indispensable part of human life that shouldn’t be repressed, it should be handled, understood and respected as such. Only through an increased awareness and a perfect and harmonious balance of soul and body can fully experience it.

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