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Sextantio - Onlus Seeking Funding to Provide Rwanda Poor Access to Health Insurance


Milan, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- After traveling through Africa’s countries, seeing its socioeconomic challenges first hand, Italy based SEXTANTIO - ONLUS organizers felt inspired to develop a plan to help provide health insurance directly to the poor of Rwanda and now they are reaching out to the worldwide community to fundraise for their cause.

Their mission: Reduce the loss of lives in Rwanda that result from the lack of adequate sanitary medical care by raising 50,000 dollars to be used in their campaign to create a health insurance solution for the indigent poor of Rwanda. The state of Rwanda has developed a health insurance system based on the Belgian model of the “Mutuelle de Santé” the cost of which is partly paid by the beneficiary – and, according to a few sources, those who can’t afford such insurance are about 5 percent of the population. The SEXTANTIO – ONLUS association aims to aid that 5 percent who are suffering the ravages of disease because they are unable to pay for healthcare. In the association’s proposed health insurance aid all of the insurance offered to the Rwanda indigent is paid for by the association which is funded by the current fundraiser. The association also verifies the path and destination of the funds as they are distributed in Rwanda.

“With an articulate fund-raising politic, Rwanda could become the first state in sub-Saharan Africa where everybody could have a free access to health. Moreover we are trying to organize a similar project in Burundi, comparable on several variables to Rwanda, to understand if such a model could be a possibly repeatable example as a kind of National Health Service for the countries of the south of the world,” SEXTANTIO – ONLUS states on its indiegogo fundraising page.

In 2008 the SEXTANTIO – ONLUS Association ran a pilot project that indicated success for this type of association funded health insurance in third world countries. In 2008 the pilot project covered a little less than 10,000 people. Additional projects were run each year between 2009 and 2012 helping thousands of people who could not afford to pay for insurance. In all the health centres visited by the SEXTANTIO – OLUS Association people gave the same answers: They expressed thanks for the insurance because now they were able attend a health centre at the first symptom of disease and receive to treatment, resulting in a reduction of the likelihood of death or chronic conditions.

Donations to this cause meant to help Rwanda’s poor population can be made at the SEXTANTIO – OLUS indiegogo page.

Sextantio Onlus grants access to basic medical treatments for that part of the indigent Rwandan population who can't provide for the payment of the health insurance promoted by the Rwandan State on the Belgian model. They are currently raising funds at indiegogo.com. For more information, visit http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sextantio-onlus-2014